Last day of the year! It went fast. But for me it felt like the year ended on september 30th and a new year started at october 1st, so I'm not in a very high new year-mood.
Tonight is partay in Shibuya!
See ya!


My new ID card

Now does that feel good or what!☆

Awesome live event and zombie attack

So yesterday I went to a live event with Martin at Ikebukuro CYBER again! In the lineup was Monokuro Kinema and Kyokutou Girl Friend, so it was bound to be made of WIN.
But first up as opening act was a small, new band; Hilldagarde. And what an amazing start of the event! Whoah, they were amazing! The songs were crazy good and they did such a cool show, even though they didn't have any fans in the audience. I immediatly grabbed their free demo, bought their poorly made photo sets and filled in their questionnaire, now I really want to see them live again!

After that awesome performance, Gaudie. came on stage and confused me since they kinda looked exactly like Kyokutou, haha. But they were just as amazing, ihiyahadjdk wow. I'm a big fan now okthnx. And the guitarrist was the coolest since freezers were invented.

And so it was time for Monokuro Kinema! Oh, how I've wanted to see them live. But first I didn't recognize their looks at all, but when they started playing Hito de nashi it all became clear, haha. And what a band!! They are so different live; more violent, more... fierce! More yay! I was completely taken away.♥

When these kind of small bands are playing, after their live, the members themselves use to sit at the back and sell merchandise. As for Monokuro Kinema, the singer Taketoshi sat at the stand but with all the other members standing behind him, he was very keen on shaking hands with us everytime we bought or asked something. And, he really liked to make fun of us; he said something we didn't understand and all the members started laughing, haha, thanks Take! Well, they became more than happy when I asked them to sign my CD.

After Monokuro Awesome it was Ensoku's turn. They were kinda funny but way too colorful for my taste, so we went out and sat in the staircase for a while, where Hilldagarde were taking pictures.

But so at last, the act I really were there for, the band I gave my ticket money to; Kyokutou Girl Friend! Ooohohoho, they sure lived up to my expectations! Kinda like I imagined, only much better. Dunno really what to write except from awesomeawesome and amazingamazing.♥ The only bad thing was that they didn't sell any merch, what, and I was in such a spending mood... Well. Later I'm gonna try get a ticket for their instore event in February.

Next was Tokyo Heroes, they weren't bad but they just couldn't compete with all the awesome we just saw, so we left the livehouse to get something to eat, meet up with Malin and Emelie, and once again spend some hours at the gamecenter!
Me and Malin finished the awesome shootinggame I even had a dream about, haha.

And of course, some purikura!

So in the end, I definately approved of this day.

See ya!

Today was more than okay

Although this thursday started out really, really, REALLY bad, it later turned out to be made of win and awesome! Now it's late and I need sleep, Imma write about it tomorrow. Mmmm. Yehey!

Oh but yes, tonight when walking to the station in Ikebukuro, this random Japanese guy tried to pick me up... And that is actually the fourth time it's happened in less than a week! So now I'm curious; what's different about me now than from before that suddenly makes dudes wanna try their luck with me?
This city... It does things....

G'night yo!



I stood in line for 1,5 hours, with the most annoying guy ever standing behind me, I bought a CD I don't even want; all to get a ticket for the instore event with D'espairsRay.
And when I finally get to the cashier.... THERE'S NO TICKETS LEFT
No tickets left.
No tickets left!!!!!
And I even saw the person maybe five people in front of me get one!
So all I got was a ticket for a handshake with them.

godDAMNIT an instore event with D'espa was the one and only reason I moved to Japan!! (Ehum, okay, it wasn't, but I'm as angry as if it was.) YES I'm angry! And this stupid anniversary album I didn't plan to buy... Well ok, the tracklist is good, and the cover looks nice, but... HORIZON? On a "best of"?! I'll never forgive them for putting that song there.

Well. At least I didn't spend too much money on their new DVD that looks like it's on dope or something. Aarhhhgjjjhklkjg I hope they'll do something Fanclub Only soon or I really hafta kill someone.

Mhm, angry Ylva is angry.
I was so pissed that I needed some serious comfort shopping, so I went into Closet Child and got something that was missing in my life.

I feel much, much better now.
Hurr hurr.

See yayayayayaya


Nom nom nom

Had plans to go see a movie, but ended up eating shabu-shabu instead!

Y'know, when you dip raw meat and vegetables and stuff into a hot pot, yum yum yum.

And why is it called shabu-shabu?
Well, everyone knows that when you dip food into hot liquid and move them back and forth it sounds "shabu shabu shabu...".

カルト☆フィクション oneman

Sunday were supposed to be a lazy day at home, but Emelie mailed me and so I found myself on カルト☆フィクション倶楽部 (Cult fiction?) oneman that I had been looking forward to but completely forgot all about.

They are really fun, and their singer is amazing! It was at Ikebukuro CYBER and although it wasn't crowded, the spirit was very high and they did a really nice show. It's just too bad that my favorite song isn't on any record yet.... They played it twice though.
Mm, and I decided not to buy anything so I ended up with buying their single.

Afterwards, after having a bite to eat, we went to a game center and successfully managed to get rid of all coins yay! I got particulary fond of a shooting game where you were supposed to get secret files from agents... And of course the taiko drums!

I'm sure we all burned a few calories on that, haha!

Yes, time flies by when you're having fun, and so I missed my last train home; caught one of the last Yamanote's and then walked home from Shinjuku. Well, it was okay really, until it started raining haha...

See ya☆


Secrets of drinks

Yesterday evening was spent once again at an izakaya, close to Shibuya station. As the girl, I don't pay for anything, so soon I really lost count of the number of drinks, cocktails, beers and bottles of sake (nihonshu) that just kept on coming. As a result it took me the double amount of time to get home due to a certain, ehum, disability to walk straight.

Today I woke up at 10:30-ish and thought something was missing, and it took me a minute or two to realize; no headache, no feelings of sickness, slightly alert.... no hung over!!
Was it the sake? Was it the sometimes unidentified food? Was it the cozy atmosphere at the izakaya? Was it the super short waiter with the squeaky voice?
What was it?! I wanna knowww!


Tokyo christmas

As soon as the gig with Merry ended, I quickly made my way home to Martin, Malin and Emelie in Mejiro. The apartment was filled to the rear with christmas spirit! A christmas tree with twinkling lights, christmas songs on the streamed swedish radio, and lots and lots of swedish christmas food from IKEA.
I took some christmasy pictures, but forgot my camera thereheh.

And christmas presents!
I got the awesome; two rare CDs with 9GOATS BLACK OUT!
As for my gifts... I thought to myself that I managed to get them suitable things, but I wasn't prepared for the reaction, there was so much happiness in one room! I probably became twice as happy, because their thanks warmed my heart so much♥!!

When I arrived home to my apartment, a package with gifts from my parents and some christmas card waited in my mailbox; a couple of CDs with old swedish folk music and books with old swedish tales. Wonderful!

This year's christmas eve turned out to be the best!

Today, on christmas day, I met Tetsu and since it's his birthday I gave him a necklace. He also made such an amazing amount of happy, wow! Since coming to Japan, I've experienced such a joy of giving people things - and everywhere I go I see stuff I want to give my friends. I want to give more things!
This is bad for my wallet, very bad...

See ya!♥

Merry bliss

I'd like to make spending christmas eve at a Merry-live a tradition, please.

It was a free live (woho!) at Shibuya O-EAST, where I went with Anni. They was going to start hand out tickets at 13:00 so we went to stand in line at about 10:00, it was maybe 10 or so people before us. The ticket numbers were random, but I got number 104! O-EAST's capacity is aprox. 1300 people, so it was very good.

The live started at 16:00, we quickly went in and got a place in the left middle where there was only one person between me and the stage!

And so. They went on stage!
They started out with Japanese Modernist, but after that I don't remember the setlist at all because I was taken in by the complete awesome, although it was mostly new songs.
And Nero, wow, it's almost that I start to doubt that there really can be so much energy in one man alone! He's playing the drums with such PASSION, even when playing on just a box - at a breathtaking acoustic version of Tic Toc. Gara's singing at that point... I'm gonna let you in on a secret here and tell you that it actually brought me to tears.

This band.
They're not my no.1 Favorite Band but, oh my, they sure are my no.1 favorite Live band. Nothing else I've seen beats them, nothing!
They are so violently good that I can't even put it properly into words.

there was a reason behind their decision to throw in this free live; the chief editor (I think) for Fool's Mate has recently passed away. This was a memorial live in his honour.
Which is why there was a very melancholic feeling over it, the members were all very serious, and at the end where they said their thanks, Yuu started to cry.
It all left me with such a strong sad feeling, even though I didn't even knew that late guy.

And after that, at 19:00, they held their tour final. Wow.
Merry, you are amazing.


So long, ISI, see ya next year!

We went to school and ate some cake, but left the christmas party early due to lack of interesting happenings (and apparently missed out on the fun?).
So now it's HOLIDAY!
Went to Shinjuku for some shopping, Mos burger and purikura.

And yes of course my eyes are that huge in reality.

No school for three whole weeks! It sure will feel a bit strange.
See ya!

oh come ON

My contact hates me.

At the RARE-section

Was gonna take a sneaky picture indside of Closet Child in Shinjuku, but then noticed I accidently recorded a movie instead.

It's like a picture with soundtrack ehehahah.


Quarter Void is not dead

It hasn't been many frequent updates lately, hasn't it? I blame it all on my real life; Things has been happening - well, they still are - and as an effect I've been to lazy to write like I use to, haha.

Today in school we just did christmas decorations for the christmas party tomorrow, and after tomorrow we have a loooong winter holiday! Three weeks!
I got to know the score on last weeks achievement test and was so relieved, so hopefully I'll level up to the next class when school starts again in January.

On thursday is Christmas Eve already! I have awesome plans, the evening will be spent with my friends and maybe Swedish christmas food from IKEA, and before that I'm going to a live with Merry in Shibuya!
Oh yes I'm gonna have a Merry Christmas, mehehe.
Now I'm gonna continue listening to Doremidan's new album that I bought at Jishuban a few hours ago. It's awesome sauce.


When you least expect it, I'll be there. Watching.
(From Emelie's blog)

See yaaaa

I felt that very strongly today when I went to Family Mart to pay my bills. Mm, needed to put that in words.



is my
Hey yo I'm hungover from yesterdays karaoke with a serious headache and on top of it all I'm kinda broke but never mind all that I go to IKEA in Chiba with some friends anyway




I wish it'll never get warm again so I can continue wearing shirts and cardigans and scarfs and jackets in lots and lots of layers forever.


Today it's released!!
Too bad I can't play it.....



Recently I've been thinking of moving again, mostly because I'm a bit tired of living on the Marunouchi line, so I checked up on some apartments and found a mansion in Ikebukuro for only 3 000 yen more a month. Living on the Yamanote line would be so convenient!
On the other hand, I kinda like it here in Nakano, and I've really settled down. Also just the thought of packing up all my stuff again makes me very tired, not to mention all the work I have to do all over again; trying to be understood by the gas/water/electiricy/blabla-companies, the paperwork, the extra costs... Ordeal!
But, Yamanote line...
I should hurry up and decide uh...


Somatic Guardian event

Went to an instore event with Somatic Guardian at Like an Edison in Shinjuku today! They were super crazy and joked around all the time, and I was also happy that I could understand more than I could at the last event with And!
Tasuke asked where we came from and then happily explained that he know the Swedish colours because he likes soccer, haha cute!
Afterwards we went to Pure Sound where I got [Coll:set] 1st awesome-press, and to Closet Child where I got four CDs for 1000yen. Discovered when I came home that one of them were signed, niccccce!

See yaaah


Newest JackRose get

Went to Harajuku and JackRose again mihihi.

Isn't it the very definition of Awesome??

(PS the answer is "YES")

Milk cocoa

It's raining like there's no tomorrow, my back is hurting a bit, I'm tired after being mashed on the packed Yamanote line, I start to worry about the tests next week - then, I take a peek at the vending machine outside my apartment and my heart skips a beat when I notice it has hot chocolate! Hot chocolate 10 meters from my doorstep!


Mos cute

There's this particulary cute guy working at a Mos burger in Shinjuku, where me and Malin went this morning. He is so cute, so cute, the kind of cute that only Japanese dudes can be, cute cute cute, and what was the point in this entry again? Oh right! I wish there was a way to turn off the camera sound on my cell phone so I can take better sneaky pictures, this was the best I could manage hahaha.


is what I'm wearing,
Gadget Grow + JackRose.

Some day I might start writing about interesting and deep, contemplating things.
Some... day... hm, I guess we'll have to see about that.


Harajuku shopping picture post (kinda)

Tried to take a lot of pictures today, but might've failed somewhat... it's because I feel like a stupid tourist whenever I pick up the camera! Silly, yah I know. I'm trying hard to be better at taking pics.

Here's Shin-Okubo this ordinary thursday afternoon.
Went to Harajuku after school, it's been a while since I went and it feels like I've missed it! I stayed longer than intended, walking around feeling happy, haha.

A christmas decorated Harajuku.
I went to Gadget Grow in Laforet and were once again overwhelmed by the awesomeness in that store, and once again wanted to get every damn thing in stock. Mhm, it's so awesome that I'm gonna have to show an official pic from their website of it:

Well. I bought a t-shirt. And it looks so good together with my cardigan aaaaah I'm so happy! Yes. Shopping makes me Happy and I'm not ashamed of it!
While I was in Laforet I also went to Black Peace Now, I reeeeaaaaally love BPN for Men. It's kinda like a mix of Gadget Grow and Sixh. with a hint of Atelier BOZ, so it figures. Wanna GET ugh I'm in such a mood for shopping now.

Laforet ILU.

I also peeked in to hEAVEN and really now, that shop is great for taking sneaky pictures since it's so big haha!

NAOTO SEVEN is awesome and now I've got several new shirts on my wishlist, damnitall.

And then, I didn't really plan to, but suddenly I found myself in front of JackRose soooo I went in. A shop staff that I didn't recognize apparently recognized me and started talking a lot to me (a sign of me being there too much??) and gave me an applause when he found out I'm Swedish.
But I went upstairs to LuvMaison where the usual staff greeted me and asked if I still liked the pants I bought the last time, haha. Ah, I really like this one (I think his name is Enji but I'm not sure), better than Kudou from downstairs actually! I didn't have any cash left so my plan was to just look, but when looking at this particular shirt he informed me that it was the last one in that color and size and I've been eyeing it for ageeeeeeeeees and after having tried it on I decided to reserve it and get it tomorrow.
But tomorrow is his day off so he won't be there, booh.

After JackRose I was happy and content so I went home.

Oh oh oh and, here's the t-shirt I bought!

Also, except from some new postcards of Ryuutarou (having him as their main model is just another proof of Awesome) I got a studded diary! Perfect since my old one, that I bought for 105yen, got drenched - along with my old bag - in strawberry milk tea.

Oh I'm in such a silly happy mood now.

See ya☆


Dango life

First I didn't really like it, but after having tried several different kinds I wonder if I'll be able to live without it....

Curry life

'Gas check ok?'

Just got a visit from the gas man to do a checkup on the gas, so I had a little chat with this super adorable cute guy who's name was Ryosuke and why do I think even his name is cute! (Maybe cuz of the way he presented himself)

Mm, that's another thing I like by being here; cute guys who add splendour to my everyday life by being Adorable. You know? The kind of cute guys - and girls, for that matter - that's nowhere to be found back in Sweden.

Or maybe I'm just overreacting.
(But who can resist the Cute!)



A very cold and windy evening, I leave Sukiya's warm seat and walk home after school and after some time spent at Closet Child where I've found the most amazing item ever that's too expensive for me at the moment, freezing my ass off and I have to buy toilet paper. Not in the best mood.
When I arrive at home I've recieved a big package with early christmas presents from my aunt; a pyjamas, fuzzy socks, a million new underwares, candy, and christmas decorations! I decorate my window, light the candles, and feel the christmas spirit taking a strong hold on me; isn't it great to be alive!

Two and a half weeks left until christmas!
See ya~☆


Fancy food

Today I met with another acquaintance, Junko, in Shinjuku. We spended the day in Takashimaya, which is a huge 12 floor department store with high class fashion and etc. It was unexpectedly fun to go window shopping with this 60-year old Japanese lady, haha!
But first things first; when we arrived our goal was to eat. And it was so FANCY oh how I've missed Fancy Food.

We later went to Takano Fruit Parlor on the 5th floor and everything was so amazingly amazing that I couldn't decide and got two things instead. (Yes, I am fat like that hahahaaaa) The chocolate parfait was to diiiieeeee for.

Takashimaya is awesome and I bought some traditional Japanese goods as christmas presents for my parents that were beautiful and not very expensive at all. Then the time had flewn away and Junko went home, but I stayed and walked around in the west/east area and peeked into the usual shops and bought some more christmas presents, and wow shopping sure makes me HAPPEH, especially when I think about how happy the people I've bought the items to will be hihihi. (...I hope.) Then I just hanged around, looked at people, and felt that I'm reeeaaaally comfortable in big cities. Yes.
Then when I came home I felt that I should take more pictures of it... maybe?

In other exciting news I've become addicted to spider solitaire AGAIN.
See ya!


Instant miso soup

Hanamaru edition.
May not look too impressive but it was an instant win.


So I found this Cool Person's blog and suddenly I become uncertain about myself and how I want to look and how I want to BE and ps I hate my hair.
All over again, uh.
I shouldn't look at Cool People because I just get reminded of my own lack of Cool and then I get depressed.
Although it's a bit different this time cuz I also get somewhat inspired to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, then I kinda wish that Cool Person was here so I could try to absorb some of the Coolness.

I think I'll go to Harajuku after the weekend and see what I can do.


I met with my acquaintances Momoko and Kazuko to go eat tempura in Shinjuku. Not the 500yen tempura I use to eat on a daily basis, but the 3000yen-kind of tempura at a fancy traditional Japanese restaurant; The Real Deal in other words! AND IT WAS A FEAST since I think cheap tempura is a gift from heaven, this was kinda like coming to heaven.

I ate and ate and ate and just when I thought it was over they came in with another set of tempura and another bowl of rice. Now, seven hours late I'm still so full I can't believe I'll ever be able to eat again. Mmmmmmhmhmhmmmm tempura ILU.

After the yummy feast we walked around Shinjuku to see the christmas illumination and found out that this year, due to economic reasons, it won't be more exciting than a few lines of this:

But I still thought it was pretty.
Also, they were impressed that I used "いいえ" (iie) the right way and that I liked Asano Tadanobu, haha.

Oh yea it's December already damnit, it's crazy how time has started to fly byyyy.
See ya~


SWEET MADONNA 1st boring oneman

Yup so me and Martin went to SWEET MADONNA's first oneman at CYBER, and to my surprise there was a lot of people! Seems like they have some fans after all. Either that or everyone just came because it was free, hard to tell really.

Anyway, so, they weren't very impressive.
The important Big News they announced was that another guitarrist had joined them so now they're a five man band.

During one MC another band (no idea who) came on stage with a huge bag from McDonald's and started to give out hamburgers to the members and the audience.
That was just so weird hahah haaaa.

During their second MC we were so bored so we left.
Sorry guys, but I can tell why you're not popular.

And now I feel kinda restless. It might sound weird considering where I am and what I do all the time but I feel like I want Something To Happen. Dunno what though, so have a picture of the big christmas tree outside Ikebukuro station instead.

Christmas = big scary test in school of everything we've learned aaaah!

See yaayayayaya



I was planning on just going home to study a little and rest a lot, but instead I went with Malin and Sabrina to Nekobukuro to see the KITTEHS. A Cat House in Ikebukuro where you pay a 600yen entrance fee, get inside where 16 kittehs walked around freely, you get to pet and cuddle and play with them for hoooow long you want.
Huge cat was made of huge

Angry cat was made of angry
Although most of them were ignoring all the people it didn't matter because I was in kitteh-heaven sldkjsalkgj♥
See yaaaa