Quote of the day, perhaps

Sometimes when I'm drawing it hits me; if I didn't think it was really really fun I'd probably think it was extremely boring.


The amazing festival is approaching

Yesterday, V-rock Festival announced that Plastic Tree will appear at the event, and well, to be honest, I always though it'd only be a matter of time for them to be listed on the lineup!

I'm getting more and more excited over this festival! Yea, especially since I got the ticket!☆ And I can't believe I first thought it was expensive with 20'000 yen for two days packed with over 50 bands and artists, plus special events and amazing merchandise shopping opportunity, not to mention the huge amount of cool people that will attend.

Ah well about Plastic Tree, I'm looking forward to see them again, and now with their new drummer KenKen Satou, who replaced Hiroshi Sasabuchi. I wonder how he's like live, and I'm happy I get to know the answer so soon!
Mhm, that's less than two months from now.
See ya~☆


I got myself another toy

I've ment to buy a DS for quite some time, and last week I found an ad for this one here, a Nintendo DS Lite in perfect condition, seems barely used at all, with memory card and R4 Revolution included! I closed the deal with the guy who sold it the day before yesterday, right after I had lunch with Wärmling actually.

We met at Hötorget, and he was the most handsome and polite young man! I did not expect that! He was so friendly (and amazingly tall) and explained everything there was to know about the product, even did some small talk before I gave him the money and we parted ways.

Every time I pick up the device, I remember this nice guy, and think "Ah! It's great to be alive, isn't it!"

See ya!


Les Nouveaux Noirs, the aftermath

Shirt, socks: Alice and the Pirates
Vest: Algonquins
Pants: Lindex
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Åhléns
Brooch on bag: Black Peace Now

The only shoes I brought with me was my sneakers, but I really wanted to wear my white socks. Well, that leaved me with just one option.

I followed Josephine to the train station and said goodbye as she went home, and afterwards I made my way to the art gallery again, for two reasons. One, I forgot my aunt's umbrella there yesterday, and two, I wanted to take good pictures which I wasn't able to yesterday since it was crowded. (Posted in an entry below)

When I arrived, just at the opening time, Charlotte Lund and her assistant-something greeted me heart warmingly, I surprisingly got a compliment for my didn't-care-to-wash-my-hair-so-I-use-yesterdays-hairdo-instead-it's-very-fresh-indeed-hair.

Just moments after I got there, Wärmling herself showed up. The assistant-something interviewed her about the paintings; who the models were, more about the fashion, why she chose the background, how she did this and why she did that. It was very interesting! I stayed for a long time, and after the interview (or rather, the conversation) was over, Wärmling and I went out to eat lunch together. I'm so glad I decided to go to the gallery early instead of in the afternoon as I first intended!

After some yakitori I met my sister at Vetekatten where we sat and talked for quite some time about nothing and everything. After the dinner Katja came by to pick up some things she left yesterday, so I got to chat a bit with her as well.

Well, tomorrow I'm going back home to Dalarna again. I want to stay in Stockholm forever but the thought of my own bed feels tempting so I'll leave with no regrets.

See ya!

Did you notice?

I cut my bangs the other day, after realizing how stupid I looked. And what's up with the picture quality? Is it the camera or the computer?

See ya!

Les Nouveaux Noirs, pictures

"Melinda i Björkhagen"

"Sanna in Yoyogi Park"

"Johan och Sebastien i Observatorielunden"

"Naim i Tantolunden"

"Camilla in Yoyogi Park"

"Andy in Washington Square Park"

"Maria vid Nytorget"

"Ylva på Fiskargatan"

"Les Nouveaux Noirs"
26 August - 3 October 2009
Galleri Charlotte Lund

These shoes rule

The more I look at them, the more I love them.
These are the defenition of a Perfect Shoe. Why I didn't get them myself is a mysterium... My feet died while wearing them, yes, but they're too gorgeous to care about such trivial matters!

Les Nouveaux Noirs, vernissage

My outfit:
Shirt: h.NAOTO
Jacket: Alice and the Pirates
Skirt, socks: Moi-même-Moitié
Shoes: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (borrowed from Josephine)
Bag: Black Peace Now
Rings: Vivienne Westwood

Josephine's outfit:
Shirt: Alice and the Pirates (borrowed from me)
Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Angelic Pretty
Hat, bag: Metamorphose

The day of the vernissage for Ulrika Minami Wärlming's new exhibition Les Nouveaux Noirs ad Galleri Charlotte Lund started off not so good, the rain was pouring down outside. My hair kinda died at the end of the day. R.I.P.

But we were in high spirits, as we strolled to the metro! We were out pretty early so first we just went downtown doing some minor shopping, and then sat down at the café Vetekatten and discussed uniforms. After some time we went down to the area where the exhibition was, and Josephine decided to eat something too.

Afterwards followed some pretty frustrating moments where we didn't have a clue where we should go and a guy at the restaurant pointed us in the complete opposite direction, but, after a while, we got to the gallery.

The exhibition room was big and spacious, but crowded with people of course. The paintings were placed over the walls, and absolutely breathtaking. So beautiful! I really love Wärmlings art!

At the left of the entrance was....

That is... me! A 180cm full body oil painting, of me!
Yes, I'm still amazed by that fact.
I think she caught my peculiar expression very well, and the pose looks so relaxed, although I wasn't very relaxed while posing, haha!

It felt a bit silly wearing the same jacket as I ware on the painting, I wasn't planning on wearing it at the beginning, but since me and Josephine matched our outfits, that was the only way to go.

Charlotte Lund herself greeted me kindly and we talked for a bit, although I've never met her before. I also talked some with Wärmling, but since the place was crowded not so much as I wanted.
Ah, a picture of me and the artist, Wärmling, of course!

The portrait of Maria was gorgeous as well! Here's a pic, as promised! I like how the background colors contrasts with the figure.

Katja and Oscar came by too, it was nice to meet them again! I selfishly invited them to take a drink later with me and Josephine.

I think we were at the vernissage for about 1,5 hours, until we decided to leave. It was very hot in there and I suddenly remembered why I prefer to part my bangs in the summer...
Well. The paintings were all stunning, I'm so glad I attended the vernissage!

So, after the jolly event we strolled down to Bonden, had a couple of drinks and talked merrily! Since it was a wednesday, the bar was almost empty, and we left early. Oscar went home but Katja followed me and Josephine, and we felt like renting a movie. I was still in a "YUM UNIFORMS"-mood, so we got Valkyria. I don't like Tom Cruise at all, but the uniforms were gorgeous so I liked the movie, haha! As it got late, Katja stayed over night as well, but she had school in the morning so she left early.

Ah, fabulous day, fabulous people, and most of all, fabulous exhibition!
Les Nouveaux Noirs lasts to October 3, if you're in Stockholm you must see it!

See ya~☆☆☆



Finally, someone to match outfits with!!

Thank you for this yummy feast

Inglorious Basterds exceeded my expectations, it didn't even feel like 2,5 hours. I especially liked the editing!
AND. The best part might've been that everyone speeks their original language; the Germans speak German, the French speak French, etc. I value that, a lot.

It's decieving though to see a movie at the cinema, because the whole experience is enhanced by the big screen and surround sound... I thought through the whole movie "wow! this is great! this is great!!"
....until the ending.
The ending was... not to my liking. It was some kind of WWII alternative ending. Not so sure I like, hm.

But really, it didn't matter, it didn't matter at all, because, because.... the uniforms!
I absolutely love the uniforms! I absolutely love naziuniforms, to be more exact! I absolutely love the aesthetics of the world wars! (Minus... the war itself. You understand, yes?)
Anyway, I can't deny it, I love the uniforms!!
This movie was a glorious feast for my eyes!


Danger danger!

So I finally realized those pop-up ads wasn't my fault, my computer got a virus. This particular dangerous one. Aaah crap, well, that's what you get for not having a good firewall!

Now I'm off to Stockholm again! Josephine is coming too, tonight we'll go se a movie and tomorrow is the vernissage and hopefully some drinks over at Vampire Lounge!

See ya~

D'espairsRay goodies

I finally recieved the D'espairsRay items I found on eBay! There's a lot of old stuff; stickers, photo cards, flyers and pamphlets. The seller was really nice and the communication was flawless, she sent me a kinda long handwritten greeting, and also a whole bunch of printed photos as a bonus, they weren't listen on the auction.

Now, that wasn't exactly yesterday.

The autographed card is signed by Karyu back in 2001!

Well then. A part of me thinks it was ridiculous to spend that amount of money on some cards, but another part of me, when it thinks about it, comes to the conclusion that if I were to search and buy these items separately, it would probably cost much more. So I choose to listen to that second part.
Plus, as a fan, you gotta allow yourself some treats now and then!

Ah, D'espa will hold and instore event on 12th september at Like an Edison... Please hold a lot of these events when I'm there!!!

Okay. See ya☆☆☆

Vampire Café

Theme restaurants and cafés are, as known, not unusal in Tokyo. A particular one is stuck in my mind: Vampire Café, a vampire themed restaurant located in Ginza.

A big lounge, a discreet area for dating couples, a big room for hire.
All furnished in blood red velvet, big crosses, candelabras and coffins.
The food looks very nice, seems to be a mix of European dishes.
And of course, vampire original drinks and cocktails!

For me, who is completely in love with Vampire Lounge in Stockholm, this seems to fully satisfy all my desires. Definitely worth a visit! (Or two.)
(...or three.)

Of course you can celebrate birthdays in the café!
The Happy Birthday Plan includes polariod snapshots of you and your party, special birthday desserts, and the staff singing songs in your honour.
My 20th birthday on Vampire Café, anyone?

"Dracula likes the blood of the beauty..."
Check it out here!

...okay, now I got some serious cravings for sweets. I wonder if we have something in the fridge...


Point of no return!

The fee for my tution in Tokyo is paid, my fat account with old savings is empty. Today I confirmed my studies on CSN and the study loans and allowances for the first 10 weeks (!) should arrive two weeks from now.
I think this shit just got real.
36 days left!

I can totally relate

I just found out through his blog... Zero is astigmatic (like me), with
-5.25 on one eye (like me) and -4.75 on the other (like me). Of course I knew he had contacts, but I didn't know we have the same eye vision, haha! Yea I know it's silly of me, but now I know someone I adore has the exact same problem as me. Heh.

The family, now official

The other day, Maria asked me to create a coat of arms for, you know, us members of the family, and today I finished it. Behold:

So what do you guys think?
Stamp of approval?

See ya☆



A TV-rip of FINAL CALL is up on Youtube!

Yes. I approve!
It's a nice song, although not very special.
But the video is kinda... boring. It's pretty, but boring. I actually like the song better if I don't watch the video while listening..!

That is all.
See ya!


Majestetical hotness

Allow me to fangirl but dammmmnnnn they are too hot!!!
They're not the best band I know, but they sure are the hottest band I know. Yes. I'm sorry, but I can't deny this anymore.
And their liveshows are fkn expensivvvvvve.

I wonder if I can get tickets to the Sendai Kamotsu live in Budoukan...

See ya...!

Today I met Tove to say goodbye.
She's moving to Ransäter for studies on sunday, so we won't see each other either for a whole year.... Ah... my dear childhood friend...! It'll feel so strange, not seeing her. Not be able to just pop by after school.
All these goodbyes...
It makes me sad.


Hey Josephine, do you remember?

Best. Smile. Ever!

Tokyo will be awesome☆


Problem status: resolved

Laptops must be carry-on baggage on flights.
Maximum weight is 8 kg.
My laptop weight is 10 kg!!

I just called Finnair and talked with a nice lady on the customers service, she said hmmmhmmm there shouldn't be a problem since the size is ok, but hmmmhmmm they're very strict with these things these days.... Said she's gonna add in my booking so the staff can see I'm allowed to take my huge ass 10 kg laptop on board.

Big computer is big, damn.

I got featured!

I just got a note on DeviantArt saying I've been featured on the News: All Around DeviantArt! "The Following is some of the BEST art uploaded to DeviantART during the last month"
Holy crap on a bicycle!

This way, yo!

I've been featured on different journals and such many times before, but this is my first time in the NEWS! Featured on the same page as supergreat artists, such as pokefreak, sakimichan, lolita-art, yuumei, etc, etc, whom I all admire (and envy) like whoah and whose deviations has become "most popular in the last 24h" countless of times... and then there's me!

I just got a sudden realization on what I should focus on drawing haha!

See ya!☆☆☆
P.S. You might've noticed, I've pimped my blog! I made a background yesterday, now it's not that boring anymore. Best viewed on widescreen, but it works on regulars as well~!


Easy come, easy go?

So I talked to my mom, yea?

Apparently it's super duper complicated trying to alter my new prince pants. But I wan't them so bad!!

Why can't I ever find a pair that fits??!!

Anyhows, it leaves me with a few options:
1. Sell them.
2. Lose weight like mad
3. Remove my hip bones

What to choose, what to choose....

Les Nouveaux Noirs

I finally got my hands on the article in SvD about Ulrika Minami Wärmling and the exhibition next week. As you know, I'm being painted!

It's not done yet, she asked me the other day about my eye color haha, but man, that looks amazing. I can't believe there's gonna me a 180cm oil painting of me! I recived the invitation for the vernissage as well, it's next week already, I'm so excited!

See ya☆

Home sweet home?

I'm home again now!
It feels nice, because it's always tiring to be a guest at someone's place for so long, but it also feels sad, since I got a sudden realization on the train that it now will take a year before I see my friends up north again.
Maja and I does NOT approve of that.

The last evening, the day before yesterday, we went out to dine; me, Maja, Sara and Tokis. I had pasta. We then went home and watched a movie.
The last day, yesterday, we spent finishing Project Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen. I shat bricks.

On the train I, in fact, slept.
And now I'm home again!
I wasn't filled with disgust when I left the train station, as I use to, because I know I'll be leaving this place soon. No more Borlänge, no more Sweden, no more family, no more dear friends... I feel some sentimentality coming up so I'll just change the subject.

I phoned the driving school and she advised me to wait with the driving lessons until I come home again since I won't have time to take the license before I leave anyway.
Too bad, but it's as I expected. Well, don't have to worry about that then!

See ya~


...and then there were only two.

First Hibiki left the studs, and now yukino as well?? What the--! Why! Such a great band! Now there's only two left...... ugh. Please don't disband. Please.


Self portraits from a year

09/06 2008

22/08 2008

18/02 2009

11/07 2009
My phone takes amazing pictures, yes?