The amazing festival is approaching

Yesterday, V-rock Festival announced that Plastic Tree will appear at the event, and well, to be honest, I always though it'd only be a matter of time for them to be listed on the lineup!

I'm getting more and more excited over this festival! Yea, especially since I got the ticket!☆ And I can't believe I first thought it was expensive with 20'000 yen for two days packed with over 50 bands and artists, plus special events and amazing merchandise shopping opportunity, not to mention the huge amount of cool people that will attend.

Ah well about Plastic Tree, I'm looking forward to see them again, and now with their new drummer KenKen Satou, who replaced Hiroshi Sasabuchi. I wonder how he's like live, and I'm happy I get to know the answer so soon!
Mhm, that's less than two months from now.
See ya~☆

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