Burst of emotions

Almost two years ago, just after the Plastic Tree concert in Stockholm, I felt an urge to draw Ryuutarou. This is what I came up with: Now, I felt that urge to draw him again: I hope I don't sound stuck-up, but, I've been seized with dread and worry and angst and all other negative adjectives about my ability to draw for such a crazy long time. And by long time I mean loooong time. To the point that I considered quitting all together. Throw out my pencils and break my tablet apart.
It's a major source of angst.
But comparing these two pictures made me realize I do progress, that practicing does pay off.
That means, in another two years I'll make even more progress!
Drawing is such an important part of my life, and now, everything seems a bit brighter.
Ah. It's good to be alive, isn't it?
See ya♥
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Yonaki さんのコメント...

Alltså, jag blir mållös när jag ser dina alster...de ser näst intill ut som fotografier!

Never quit, conquer the world! ^.~

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Yonaki: tack :'D det gör mig verkligen glad!

Bella さんのコメント...

gaah jag önskar så desperat att jag kunde rita realistiskt som du