D'espairsRay goodies

I finally recieved the D'espairsRay items I found on eBay! There's a lot of old stuff; stickers, photo cards, flyers and pamphlets. The seller was really nice and the communication was flawless, she sent me a kinda long handwritten greeting, and also a whole bunch of printed photos as a bonus, they weren't listen on the auction.

Now, that wasn't exactly yesterday.

The autographed card is signed by Karyu back in 2001!

Well then. A part of me thinks it was ridiculous to spend that amount of money on some cards, but another part of me, when it thinks about it, comes to the conclusion that if I were to search and buy these items separately, it would probably cost much more. So I choose to listen to that second part.
Plus, as a fan, you gotta allow yourself some treats now and then!

Ah, D'espa will hold and instore event on 12th september at Like an Edison... Please hold a lot of these events when I'm there!!!

Okay. See ya☆☆☆

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