Home sweet home?

I'm home again now!
It feels nice, because it's always tiring to be a guest at someone's place for so long, but it also feels sad, since I got a sudden realization on the train that it now will take a year before I see my friends up north again.
Maja and I does NOT approve of that.

The last evening, the day before yesterday, we went out to dine; me, Maja, Sara and Tokis. I had pasta. We then went home and watched a movie.
The last day, yesterday, we spent finishing Project Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen. I shat bricks.

On the train I, in fact, slept.
And now I'm home again!
I wasn't filled with disgust when I left the train station, as I use to, because I know I'll be leaving this place soon. No more Borlänge, no more Sweden, no more family, no more dear friends... I feel some sentimentality coming up so I'll just change the subject.

I phoned the driving school and she advised me to wait with the driving lessons until I come home again since I won't have time to take the license before I leave anyway.
Too bad, but it's as I expected. Well, don't have to worry about that then!

See ya~

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