I got featured!

I just got a note on DeviantArt saying I've been featured on the News: All Around DeviantArt! "The Following is some of the BEST art uploaded to DeviantART during the last month"
Holy crap on a bicycle!

This way, yo!

I've been featured on different journals and such many times before, but this is my first time in the NEWS! Featured on the same page as supergreat artists, such as pokefreak, sakimichan, lolita-art, yuumei, etc, etc, whom I all admire (and envy) like whoah and whose deviations has become "most popular in the last 24h" countless of times... and then there's me!

I just got a sudden realization on what I should focus on drawing haha!

See ya!☆☆☆
P.S. You might've noticed, I've pimped my blog! I made a background yesterday, now it's not that boring anymore. Best viewed on widescreen, but it works on regulars as well~!

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