Les Nouveaux Noirs, the aftermath

Shirt, socks: Alice and the Pirates
Vest: Algonquins
Pants: Lindex
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Åhléns
Brooch on bag: Black Peace Now

The only shoes I brought with me was my sneakers, but I really wanted to wear my white socks. Well, that leaved me with just one option.

I followed Josephine to the train station and said goodbye as she went home, and afterwards I made my way to the art gallery again, for two reasons. One, I forgot my aunt's umbrella there yesterday, and two, I wanted to take good pictures which I wasn't able to yesterday since it was crowded. (Posted in an entry below)

When I arrived, just at the opening time, Charlotte Lund and her assistant-something greeted me heart warmingly, I surprisingly got a compliment for my didn't-care-to-wash-my-hair-so-I-use-yesterdays-hairdo-instead-it's-very-fresh-indeed-hair.

Just moments after I got there, Wärmling herself showed up. The assistant-something interviewed her about the paintings; who the models were, more about the fashion, why she chose the background, how she did this and why she did that. It was very interesting! I stayed for a long time, and after the interview (or rather, the conversation) was over, Wärmling and I went out to eat lunch together. I'm so glad I decided to go to the gallery early instead of in the afternoon as I first intended!

After some yakitori I met my sister at Vetekatten where we sat and talked for quite some time about nothing and everything. After the dinner Katja came by to pick up some things she left yesterday, so I got to chat a bit with her as well.

Well, tomorrow I'm going back home to Dalarna again. I want to stay in Stockholm forever but the thought of my own bed feels tempting so I'll leave with no regrets.

See ya!

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