Les Nouveaux Noirs, vernissage

My outfit:
Shirt: h.NAOTO
Jacket: Alice and the Pirates
Skirt, socks: Moi-même-Moitié
Shoes: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (borrowed from Josephine)
Bag: Black Peace Now
Rings: Vivienne Westwood

Josephine's outfit:
Shirt: Alice and the Pirates (borrowed from me)
Skirt: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Angelic Pretty
Hat, bag: Metamorphose

The day of the vernissage for Ulrika Minami Wärlming's new exhibition Les Nouveaux Noirs ad Galleri Charlotte Lund started off not so good, the rain was pouring down outside. My hair kinda died at the end of the day. R.I.P.

But we were in high spirits, as we strolled to the metro! We were out pretty early so first we just went downtown doing some minor shopping, and then sat down at the café Vetekatten and discussed uniforms. After some time we went down to the area where the exhibition was, and Josephine decided to eat something too.

Afterwards followed some pretty frustrating moments where we didn't have a clue where we should go and a guy at the restaurant pointed us in the complete opposite direction, but, after a while, we got to the gallery.

The exhibition room was big and spacious, but crowded with people of course. The paintings were placed over the walls, and absolutely breathtaking. So beautiful! I really love Wärmlings art!

At the left of the entrance was....

That is... me! A 180cm full body oil painting, of me!
Yes, I'm still amazed by that fact.
I think she caught my peculiar expression very well, and the pose looks so relaxed, although I wasn't very relaxed while posing, haha!

It felt a bit silly wearing the same jacket as I ware on the painting, I wasn't planning on wearing it at the beginning, but since me and Josephine matched our outfits, that was the only way to go.

Charlotte Lund herself greeted me kindly and we talked for a bit, although I've never met her before. I also talked some with Wärmling, but since the place was crowded not so much as I wanted.
Ah, a picture of me and the artist, Wärmling, of course!

The portrait of Maria was gorgeous as well! Here's a pic, as promised! I like how the background colors contrasts with the figure.

Katja and Oscar came by too, it was nice to meet them again! I selfishly invited them to take a drink later with me and Josephine.

I think we were at the vernissage for about 1,5 hours, until we decided to leave. It was very hot in there and I suddenly remembered why I prefer to part my bangs in the summer...
Well. The paintings were all stunning, I'm so glad I attended the vernissage!

So, after the jolly event we strolled down to Bonden, had a couple of drinks and talked merrily! Since it was a wednesday, the bar was almost empty, and we left early. Oscar went home but Katja followed me and Josephine, and we felt like renting a movie. I was still in a "YUM UNIFORMS"-mood, so we got Valkyria. I don't like Tom Cruise at all, but the uniforms were gorgeous so I liked the movie, haha! As it got late, Katja stayed over night as well, but she had school in the morning so she left early.

Ah, fabulous day, fabulous people, and most of all, fabulous exhibition!
Les Nouveaux Noirs lasts to October 3, if you're in Stockholm you must see it!

See ya~☆☆☆

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