Thank you for this yummy feast

Inglorious Basterds exceeded my expectations, it didn't even feel like 2,5 hours. I especially liked the editing!
AND. The best part might've been that everyone speeks their original language; the Germans speak German, the French speak French, etc. I value that, a lot.

It's decieving though to see a movie at the cinema, because the whole experience is enhanced by the big screen and surround sound... I thought through the whole movie "wow! this is great! this is great!!"
....until the ending.
The ending was... not to my liking. It was some kind of WWII alternative ending. Not so sure I like, hm.

But really, it didn't matter, it didn't matter at all, because, because.... the uniforms!
I absolutely love the uniforms! I absolutely love naziuniforms, to be more exact! I absolutely love the aesthetics of the world wars! (Minus... the war itself. You understand, yes?)
Anyway, I can't deny it, I love the uniforms!!
This movie was a glorious feast for my eyes!

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Yonaki さんのコメント...

It's not that odd acctually that so many people like nazi uniforms...they are the only uniforms (to my knowledge) in history to have acctually been designed by a real fashion designer. Hugo Boss acctually designed the SS uniforms, which are the most recogniseable nazi uniforms. ^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Well then, it has a perfectly logical explanation! :D