Vampire Café

Theme restaurants and cafés are, as known, not unusal in Tokyo. A particular one is stuck in my mind: Vampire Café, a vampire themed restaurant located in Ginza.

A big lounge, a discreet area for dating couples, a big room for hire.
All furnished in blood red velvet, big crosses, candelabras and coffins.
The food looks very nice, seems to be a mix of European dishes.
And of course, vampire original drinks and cocktails!

For me, who is completely in love with Vampire Lounge in Stockholm, this seems to fully satisfy all my desires. Definitely worth a visit! (Or two.)
(...or three.)

Of course you can celebrate birthdays in the café!
The Happy Birthday Plan includes polariod snapshots of you and your party, special birthday desserts, and the staff singing songs in your honour.
My 20th birthday on Vampire Café, anyone?

"Dracula likes the blood of the beauty..."
Check it out here!

...okay, now I got some serious cravings for sweets. I wonder if we have something in the fridge...

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