No phone yet huh!

Turned out I can't get myself a cell phone before I get my Alien Registration Card... Ugh. More paperwork! ...and it also means no camera for now. Me and Josephine met up with my friend Momoko, who helped with the cell phone-thingy. Afterwards we ate tendon, yum yum Japanese food.♥
We met her at Ikeburo station though we got there a bit early, and during our hour of standing around in there I saw more cool and funky people than I've seen in a lifetime in my hometown.... Well, out here in Chiba it's calm and quiet. Except the pachinko halls that sounds like a 3rd world war; I almost got a heart attack when I passed by one and it suddenly made its existance very clear to me.

Tomorrow is first school day, I don't really have motivation to but I do wanna learn more of the language quick so I can speak more with these people I'm all surrounded by here!

See ya!

P.S Excuse my slightly boring entries... but for now it'll be this way, I sure have soooo much on my mind right now! Gah!!

Arrival in Tokyo

3 hours of sleep in 2 days is showing, all I can think about is this scruffy bed beside me that somehow seems oh so inviting, even though it's surrounded by this scruffy room that I finally got after oh so much damn trouble! The manager of the guest house here in Chiba is really nice, but I'm going to start looking for an apartment ASAP anyway.
No pictures for now because I have no camera, but fret not, I will spam you to death when I get one!

Whoah I can't believe it's just 14:00 here and I can't go to bed until at least... seven hours? I want to sleep!
Well. We're gonna go check out the neighbourhood and then go to Ikebukuro to hopefully find cell phones! I just hope we won't pass out on the train, haha..!

See ya~



Almost there.... almost...

I lied.
Next time I wrote isn't Japan, it's... Finland!
The travel has been uneventful so far, the most exciting moment was a baby who gave us a death stare. It had no mercy, I tell you.

So! There's about one hour left until me and Josephine board the plane to Tokyo! Wish us luck☆

Just a few hours left

I hope Tokyo will be filled with wonderclothes when I arrive, as it seems I have to cut down on my luggage even more, ugh, I don't want to pay an extra €800 for 2,5 kg! So much for a quiet and peaceful last evening... So okay, screw that. Luggage; it's you and me now, and I'm ready to take you down.
I wonder what I should leave behind this time around....

Anyway. At the moment I'm just feeling extremely stressed and nervous, so I'll just continue the luggage fight and hope I'll be able to sleep tonight. Next time I write, I'll probably be in Japan! Woh!



Even the bills are so much unlike.

See ya xxx


I think I'm starting to get it.
I've packed my bag now.

See ya...!

How to ruin a perfect game

A few weeks ago, Dissidia Final Fanatsy got its English release. The other day I got it for myself, I first and foremost wanted to be able to understand everything; the accessories' functions and so on.
I was a bit hesistant though, this is one of my favorite games of all times and I've played the Japanese version since it was released about half a year ago... How will this end??? I thought when I started the game.

And my conclusion this far is:


I'm so angry adlfkjghadjkhf
Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. A teeny tiny bit.

But I get chills down my spine when I think about it; I'm so gonna continue with the Japanese!
So what do I think is so bad with this really?

Well, first of all there's this arcade mode that's available from the very beginning where you're supposed to win 5 matches to get a small bonus. And when you play in that mode, you seem to be equipped with all the characters attacks, even when you're level one, whut. It's a vey boring mode, and I guess it's replacing the much more interesting mode in the JP version where you choose cards to fight different characters and can choose to get treasure chests and there is boss cards and blabla I don't know how to explain it but it's very enjoyable.

Another thing that irritated me a whole lot is that you only need to play through one character's story mode to unlock the Shade Impulse chapters! (i.e. where you meet Chaos, the final boss.) Now what is up with that? Are the westerners really that lazy?? I mean come on, one very great feature with the game is playing through all the story modes not knowing what will await you! What's the point in getting the award when you've only just started...?

But the most torturing with it all is... the voices.
Really, it's torture! It's an upright assault on the characters!
Every voice in the JP verison is a perfect match, an exquisite combination, seriously, I could sit for ages in the theatre mode just listening to them speaking!♥
And the American voices... A part of me died inside.
A few of them are good though, like Cloud, Onion Knight and Tidus. Tina (Terra in ENG) and Cosmos are really good, they just sound wimpy in JP. BUT:
- Warrior of Light doesn't sound like a hero at all. He sound like a snot.
- Squall sounds like he's 30-something! Okay, he had a mature voice in JP too, but at least he sounded like the teenager he is.
- Sephiroth's voice is as rough as Garland's. WHAT.
- Ultimecia was so damn kick ass in JP, in ENG she's just... blasé.
- Kuja! Ack, Kuja!! My favorite voice of them all, in JP he's perfect; elegant, a bit superior, a bit gay, haha! In ENG... he sounds like a brat. A snobbish brat. GAH
- And don't even get me started on Zidane. Oh. My. I got a heart attack when he first spoke. He's not supposed to sound like some old man!! He's 16 for crying out loud!
- Over all, the other characters sound... just the same. Like they're one person. Why couldn't they've spent more time on the voice acting? It's such an important part!!

My conclusion?
I don't care if I don't understand every little thing in the game, I'm NOT playing the ENG version. As for the story modes in JP, it's hard not to understand what's going on....

I'll just finish this angry entry with the trailer.
The Japanese trailer.
Ah, listen to the voices... it's absolute perfection! (Kuja's♥)
/rant rant rant, yes, this is obviously a big issue for me, haha


Razzle your World!!

There's this café in Shibuya for gyaru's...

Everything's very... pink... and flashy..
And I...


Here at RazzleBerry

Oh god this is my new secret desire.
Though it's no secret anymore


JackRose + me = true

Ugh why do I love men's clothing the most why oh why

P.S. I've started packing now.


Happy delivery (again)

I got mail this evening! Yes evening, for some reason. It was the super flashy dictionary I got cheap cheap cheap from British Amazon. It's super awesome and it will give me much joy. (Or anguish. Hard to say, really.)

In the package was also the complete Band of Brothers DVD box that I JUST HAPPENED to order at the same time. Ahahahaha. But it's so damn cheap it's almost free! Earlier today I also recieved The Baker that I got because it kinda was free. 30 kr = free, in my opinion. That Damian Lewis dude, I'm starting to get a smaller collection now!
See yaaaaaa


Ah, there's nothing like newly dyed hair!
The vivid colour...
The fresh scent of chemicals...
Just lovely!

See ya!


Visa granted

I got my passport back from the Japanese Embassy with the visa and the Certificate of Eligibility, so everything's done now. Finally. TOKYO HERE I COMMMMMEEEEEE


Yesterday I watched the last of three movies me and sis rented, (alone since she went home) The Final Solution. Hm, maybe you can guess why I picked that one, yes? The story took place in the SS and everyone wore uniforms ALMOST ALL THE TIME YUM.

The movie was good, although the cover made it seem much more handsome than it was. It made me feel more disgust for Nazi's and war and injustices of the world, and it made me feel (if possible) even more love for the Nazi uniforms. Damnit.

Is there a movie that's not about WW2 and there's no Nazi's but the aesthetic is still there and everyone wears the black uniforms for officers of the Allgemeine SS?
I should make one.


Back long attached flap pants

My new pants arrived today!
A simple but elegant design from Moi-même-Moitié.

As usual, Closet Child's service is absolutely flawless. It's a joy to order from them only because they're so nice and friendly!
And as usual with Moitié, the quality is breathtaking and the fabric is amazing. If you remove the, uh, halfskirt or whatever it's supposed to be called, it's a really nice pair of business-like pants, kinda like you can find in the sofisticated part of H&M, y'know. (OH GOD DID I JUST COMPARE MOITIÉ WITH H&M) So yes, although not that special, I really like them. And the fit perfectly!

See ya☆

Död snö

My sister is in town! I get to hang out with her one last time before I leave the country. Yesterday evening we rented some movies, and now I'm gonna dedicate this whole entry to one of them:

Död snö. (Dead snow)
A nazi-zombie-splatter-film. From Norway!

Nazi-zombies in Norway! In Norweigan! It's bound to be a success, and I had high expectations. No really, the Norweigan language is highly amusing for Swedes, well, for me at last, and a horrorfilm in Norweigan... couldn't miss out on that.

And well? I can tell you it's my new favorite movie! It is hilarious!! There was, of course, a whole lot of intestines falling out and limbs being cut off and faces ripped apart and what not, but man, I laughed and laughed and laughed! Wow, just wow! If you get the chance, get your hands on this movie!

A quote from the synopsis:
"They are nazis. And zombies. AND THEY ARE ANGRY!"

See yaaaaaa!

....yes, no offense, Norweigan people, but your language is just... yay! I should get a Norweigan husband, I'll have fun all the time.

Fine wine

I'm not an expert in wine. But my parents are! Today we had a bottle of what apparently is one of the world's most famous and expensive wines; Château d'Yquem, from 1987.
My father bought it in 1993, and apparently the store manager came and greeted him just because he bought that wine. My mother told me that if you've had this wine, it's something to brag about. Apparently.

Well. I'm not an expert.
But it was sweet and yummy, so I'm satisfied!

See ya!



exist†trace: how it was done

A friend on DeviantArt pointed out to me that I've never drawn girls, and well, I thought I'd do something about that. exist†trace is beyond awesome so I drew miko and Omi.
This time I made a short animation showing the process!
Here's to my fellow members of DA, enjoy:


View the picture in original size here!

Oh and, I had already drawn miko when I started taking screenshots.
Oh and GAH Omi is so awesome I die.

See ya!☆

Red n stuff

Got myself a year's supply of contacts, and since I still got two more pairs from the last set I can still lose/break/eat some and still manage a year. Hopefully.

I got a red pair as well. Got rid of my last since they got too old, but I missed them, so, mm. I love how it looks so natural.

In other news:
- I made bolognese sauce for dinner and it tasted REALLY GOOD, can you believe that? I know I can't.
- A hot air balloon passed by my window, on it was a 'Marabou'-sign. Now I want chocolate.

See ya☆


My bag

It's blue!

(Dabedi dabeda)


Top 5: Damian Lewis

You know how I really obsess over love Damian Lewis?
Somewhere on teh interwebz I saw someone do a Top 5 of favorite Lewis characters. So! I made one of my own:

No. 5
Life: Charlie Crews
I really like the concept of this show, it's just too bad they can't make any good of it. Mhm, it just... fails. Detective Charlie Crews on the other hand, now he's a character I like! Because of him, I enjoy watching this shitty show very much.
Marriage material. Definately. Yes.

No. 4
Colditz: Nick McGrade

This Scottish accent is hilarious!
Oh, it's a great movie too, I really liked it, and I did vouch for McGrade.
...And the accent is hilarious!

No. 3
Keane: William Keane

This low-budget movie was one of the most uncomfortable I've ever seen. In a good way, that is. Watching him having a severe mental breakdown while trying to find his abducted daughter, it was heart wrenching. I didn't quite know what to do with myself because it was so hard to watch. Lewis did an amazing job on this one, he's such a great actorsldkfjslkdj!!

No. 2
Band of Brothers: Richard Winters
I'm gonna confess; it's hard to put him on second place because he is indeed Perfect In All Ways Amen. Yes, at first I didn't even like this show, but I grew to love it! But I don't even get it, how can someone be so calm and composed and nice and successfull and just perfect and still snatch my heart like that?? I usually dislike those characters!! Whoah, Lewis, you're amazing.

No. 1
The Forsyte Saga: Soames Forsyte
Nothing can beat this. Nothing.
He is the 'bad guy' in the series, but I think I sympathize with him the most! Sure, he's not a very nice man at all, but he's driven by his incredibly strong feelings of love. He's just bad at showing them, and when he tries, it just turns out very wrong. But that's just because he doesn't know any other way of expressing them! And his feelings are indeed genuine!
I love The Forsyte Saga. Lovelovelove. Buying it was the best thing I've done in ages.

Damian Lewis is the most handsome man I've ever awesome in whatever part he's playing, I almost did this a Top 10 instead.
If you ever watch something with him in the cast list, it will be worth your time!



/needed to put that in writing


I ♥ U

Oh, Atelier BOZ.
Thank you for making gorgeous pants in my size.

I'm still keeping track on the days left though

Let's see now...
I just ordered a Japanese dictionary from Kodansha, after realizing I didn't have one. My dad's in the middle of getting an external harddrive for me. As soon my parents get home from Stockholm we're gonna get me a suitcase. Then I just need an adapter for the electic sockets, and I should be all set!

Mhm, I could've gotten a free trip to Stockholm again this weekend, but I didn't go. The main reason is Tove came back from Ransäter! There's no way I'd miss that! I've spent the day at her place, playing Parappa the Rapper and just relaxing. It's so good to be with old friends. ♥

17 days left now, but my brain seems to be in denial, it really doesn't feel like I'm gonna move to the world's biggest city at all. But I like it this way, just hangin' around in my hometown only doing things I like, before I get thrown back into the harsh reality.
I'm enjoying my last time in Sweden to the fullest, in my own way.☆

See ya!


But the contents are the same so it's ok

I got another delivery today! The complete Forsyte Saga! I love that series to beyond infinity, and it was also the first time I really set my eyes on Damian Lewis, when it was aired on SVT in... 2004 or whenever it was, so, I love it in more than one way. There's a lot of love going on here now, yes. 11h 43min, question is, should I do an allnighter or just take it slow with one episode a day..?

I also got it for a neat price on Ginza.se, 100 kr less than on other sites, and with free shipping! And it only took one day for it to arrive at my doorstep after I ordered it. But really, that cover is some of the most meaningless I've ever seen.
Mhm, and so today I discovered that on the British Amazon it's available for less than half of what I paid for it. Less than half. And! The cover. It was beautiful.

I got myself another movie.

Um wait, so after realizing I've spent the double amount of money than needed on a Swedish version with a shitty cover, I comforted myself by spending more money?
And it works like a charm!

See ya~


Is there a better way to wake up a friday morning than a postman ringing your doorbell handing you D'espairsRay's new single? I hardly believe so.

I love this single!
And I'm happy I do, because I wasn't particulary fond of HORIZON. It's also their 10th anniversary single, so it's a bit specialspecial.
The cover is gorgeous! It reminds me of Ageha, although prettier.

Well, I still like FINAL CALL, it's a great song. But sometimes I think it lacks... something. And towards the end it does feel a bit plain.
The second track Going on!, on the other hand, is superb! I love rap in rock songs. Period. It has a nice mix of all the things I love with D'espa, though it could do with some more screaming. Yes, it's definately better than the title track. I also find it hilarous since all of its lyrics is in English.
The bonus track, Ark in the Storm, is, well, it's a great D'espa song. Yep.

Ah never mind all that, I love all the songs on FINAL CALL. Lovelovelove!

Oh, the bonus booklet I got is like a small chronicle with their biography, discography and some pictures from over the years! The bonus poster is just the way I like it; big picture, small text. The bonus DVD has the PV for FINAL CALL and I think the same of it; pretty but a bit boring.

They're holding their 10th anniversary live on october 1st, I want to go, but, it's the second day after I get to Tokyo, and, on the first day of school, plus, the tickets will surely be sold out when I get there, so, I said to myself, no. Beh.

See ya☆☆☆


The past and the present

Comparing the ID photo I took in a studio today with the ID photo I took in a studio five months ago, I can conclude a few things:

I look stupid when I try to look 'normal'.
My hair looks longer now although it is in fact shorter.
I was more thorough with the makeup that day five months ago.
I definately need to dye my hair. Now.
I have an awkward smile.
I looked like a kid five months ago.
I like my eyebrows better when I draw them myself. I think.

The definite conclusion: I'm glad I change.

See ya!

I want to go to too many places

I want to go to London.
I also feel like being in Germany for a while, preferably Berlin! Berlin is so charming in its own torned way. A trip back to New York would be truly splendid as well, I really like that city. But most of all, I want to go to London again! Ah, dearest London....

There are too many places I want to live in, damn, if there was only a way to extend life, or just find a few billions somewhere!

Ah, London... Mm, British.
My own English accent is leaning more against American, I don't like that, so I'm trying to convert it.
I'm working on it, yes!

/Pointless entry


I wanna camera like that

We got ice cream too

Went downtown today to hang out with Alex again!
She and her fat ass camera, making me feel uncomfortable, haha.

Oh, I found a set of 5 DVD with German militaria during WW2, rising and fall, in a cool metallic box, for super cheap! It was a real catch, I say. Ack, I'm such a sucker for cool covers and boxes and limited collector's edition and stuff. Mmm.

Mm, and D'espairsRay's new single Final Call is out too! (Although released tomorrow.) It's yummy. I think I'll ponder more about it when I get my own copy.

See yaaaa

Almost there.... almost...

I got a letter saying my visa got accepted!
And here I was thinking all the paperwork was done... nu-uh, nope. Now I gotta take more passport photos, fill in some more papers, take copies on some official documents, scramble it together with my passport and send it to the Japanese Embassy i Stockholm, so I get the letter of acceptance.
But then I'm done.


Casual tuesday

T-shirt, necklace, bracelet, ring, chain: SEX POT ReVeNGe
Cardigan, pants: H&M
Cap: Indiska
Armwarmer: Algonquins
Shoes: dna

Time to head out. It's cloudy, with some occasional sun peeking out, the wind is a bit chilly but it's not cold. I love autumn!

See ya~

My adress in Tokyo

Mhm, I finally got information about where I'm gonna live when in Tokyo. In a campus, yes, in Chiba. Matsudo, to be more exact.
Well, I'm not really impressed, there's a 35 min ride to my school... but then again, it could be worse and the rent is a mere 56 000 yen a month! I shouldn't jump into conclusions just like that before I've seen in with my own eyes, but I still won't stop searching for an apartment of my own.

But there is some occassional German uniforms too

There's still nothing much going on here, so I'm escaping reality and bury myself in movies and games. Tomorrow will be different though, I have plans. This weekend too.
And just another three weeks, then I'm off! I might miss this doing-nothing-but-indulge-myself-in-nerdy-stuff though.

Oh and, Band of Brothers is a particular boring series.
I still watch it though, I mean, Lewis in a leading role, yes? Yes!

So here you have it, my current (and burning) obsessions:
Damian Lewis
Final Fantasy III for NDS
German WW2 uniforms


An incredibly super exciting update

I cleared out my wardrobe today. Threw away garments I haven't used for seven years. I took away two of those big black plastic bags, filled to the max with old, very old, and not that old but still old clothes.
It's painfully empty now, but at least I can fill it somewhat with the clothes I use and tend to put on my bed/chair/floor.
U-huh, yes.

Today I also switched on the TV for a change and stumbled upon a movie with Damian Lewis. I love when that happens!
Bad movie, though.
Guess you can't get everything.

...yea and that's about it.
There's nothing much going on over here at the moment.

Sorry for the outburst there.
Maybe I should just go to bed.
And hope I get to dream about a certain redhead.
...Preferably in uniform.


Masters of sexy faces

Somehow, when I'm with Alex, we always end up taking zillions of pictures! It's only with her I'm like that... Why, I wonder? One of life's big mysteries, I guess.

Except for being a cool friend, one of the things I like most with her is her scones. She's the Master of Scones!! If I had to pick just one thing to eat the rest of my life I might just take Alex' scones! Mmmm. Wih English orange marmalade. Mmmmmm.

See ya☆
P.S. The face I'm doing in the middle picture, well, perhaps it might be my new favorite.

Today's outfit

Shirt, vest, jacket: H&M
Scarf: Åhléns
Pants: SEX POT ReVeNGe
Boots: JackRose
Gloves: modified
Necklace: Mymble's Daughter

Was in Falun with Alex today. My throat feels sore, like I haven't spoken in five years. We must've babbled like crazy!


Step by step: hair

Click to fullsize:

No, it's not a tutorial. I suck at doing tuorials.
It's true!
Once, some years ago, I tried doing one. A few days later the DeviantArt crew moved it from the "Tutorials"-category to the "Illustrations"-cagetory.
And, yah, I haven't tried since then....
To summarize: I'm no good at explaining stuff.

So, mm, it's not a tutorial, it's just me...
....showing off!

(...please tell me you got the pun, please please please)

(no seriously; it was the whole reason I made this entry.)