Arrival in Tokyo

3 hours of sleep in 2 days is showing, all I can think about is this scruffy bed beside me that somehow seems oh so inviting, even though it's surrounded by this scruffy room that I finally got after oh so much damn trouble! The manager of the guest house here in Chiba is really nice, but I'm going to start looking for an apartment ASAP anyway.
No pictures for now because I have no camera, but fret not, I will spam you to death when I get one!

Whoah I can't believe it's just 14:00 here and I can't go to bed until at least... seven hours? I want to sleep!
Well. We're gonna go check out the neighbourhood and then go to Ikebukuro to hopefully find cell phones! I just hope we won't pass out on the train, haha..!

See ya~


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Natta さんのコメント...

Sounds like fun 8D!

Gah, shiet. 3 timmar? D: Oh, well, det får du ta igen XD!

Vad bra att de är trevliga där och mobilsökande låter kul-och jag visste inte att ni var två, trodde att det var bara du. Men super specieal awesome :'D

Maria ♥ さんのコメント...

Skönt att höra att ni lever. <3

Rebecca さんのコメント...

Ååååh, vad spännande!<3

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

SO exciting! (。>ω<。)
Du måste hälsa Robogeisha från mig.