But the contents are the same so it's ok

I got another delivery today! The complete Forsyte Saga! I love that series to beyond infinity, and it was also the first time I really set my eyes on Damian Lewis, when it was aired on SVT in... 2004 or whenever it was, so, I love it in more than one way. There's a lot of love going on here now, yes. 11h 43min, question is, should I do an allnighter or just take it slow with one episode a day..?

I also got it for a neat price on Ginza.se, 100 kr less than on other sites, and with free shipping! And it only took one day for it to arrive at my doorstep after I ordered it. But really, that cover is some of the most meaningless I've ever seen.
Mhm, and so today I discovered that on the British Amazon it's available for less than half of what I paid for it. Less than half. And! The cover. It was beautiful.

I got myself another movie.

Um wait, so after realizing I've spent the double amount of money than needed on a Swedish version with a shitty cover, I comforted myself by spending more money?
And it works like a charm!

See ya~

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