Is there a better way to wake up a friday morning than a postman ringing your doorbell handing you D'espairsRay's new single? I hardly believe so.

I love this single!
And I'm happy I do, because I wasn't particulary fond of HORIZON. It's also their 10th anniversary single, so it's a bit specialspecial.
The cover is gorgeous! It reminds me of Ageha, although prettier.

Well, I still like FINAL CALL, it's a great song. But sometimes I think it lacks... something. And towards the end it does feel a bit plain.
The second track Going on!, on the other hand, is superb! I love rap in rock songs. Period. It has a nice mix of all the things I love with D'espa, though it could do with some more screaming. Yes, it's definately better than the title track. I also find it hilarous since all of its lyrics is in English.
The bonus track, Ark in the Storm, is, well, it's a great D'espa song. Yep.

Ah never mind all that, I love all the songs on FINAL CALL. Lovelovelove!

Oh, the bonus booklet I got is like a small chronicle with their biography, discography and some pictures from over the years! The bonus poster is just the way I like it; big picture, small text. The bonus DVD has the PV for FINAL CALL and I think the same of it; pretty but a bit boring.

They're holding their 10th anniversary live on october 1st, I want to go, but, it's the second day after I get to Tokyo, and, on the first day of school, plus, the tickets will surely be sold out when I get there, so, I said to myself, no. Beh.

See ya☆☆☆

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