How to ruin a perfect game

A few weeks ago, Dissidia Final Fanatsy got its English release. The other day I got it for myself, I first and foremost wanted to be able to understand everything; the accessories' functions and so on.
I was a bit hesistant though, this is one of my favorite games of all times and I've played the Japanese version since it was released about half a year ago... How will this end??? I thought when I started the game.

And my conclusion this far is:


I'm so angry adlfkjghadjkhf
Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. A teeny tiny bit.

But I get chills down my spine when I think about it; I'm so gonna continue with the Japanese!
So what do I think is so bad with this really?

Well, first of all there's this arcade mode that's available from the very beginning where you're supposed to win 5 matches to get a small bonus. And when you play in that mode, you seem to be equipped with all the characters attacks, even when you're level one, whut. It's a vey boring mode, and I guess it's replacing the much more interesting mode in the JP version where you choose cards to fight different characters and can choose to get treasure chests and there is boss cards and blabla I don't know how to explain it but it's very enjoyable.

Another thing that irritated me a whole lot is that you only need to play through one character's story mode to unlock the Shade Impulse chapters! (i.e. where you meet Chaos, the final boss.) Now what is up with that? Are the westerners really that lazy?? I mean come on, one very great feature with the game is playing through all the story modes not knowing what will await you! What's the point in getting the award when you've only just started...?

But the most torturing with it all is... the voices.
Really, it's torture! It's an upright assault on the characters!
Every voice in the JP verison is a perfect match, an exquisite combination, seriously, I could sit for ages in the theatre mode just listening to them speaking!♥
And the American voices... A part of me died inside.
A few of them are good though, like Cloud, Onion Knight and Tidus. Tina (Terra in ENG) and Cosmos are really good, they just sound wimpy in JP. BUT:
- Warrior of Light doesn't sound like a hero at all. He sound like a snot.
- Squall sounds like he's 30-something! Okay, he had a mature voice in JP too, but at least he sounded like the teenager he is.
- Sephiroth's voice is as rough as Garland's. WHAT.
- Ultimecia was so damn kick ass in JP, in ENG she's just... blasé.
- Kuja! Ack, Kuja!! My favorite voice of them all, in JP he's perfect; elegant, a bit superior, a bit gay, haha! In ENG... he sounds like a brat. A snobbish brat. GAH
- And don't even get me started on Zidane. Oh. My. I got a heart attack when he first spoke. He's not supposed to sound like some old man!! He's 16 for crying out loud!
- Over all, the other characters sound... just the same. Like they're one person. Why couldn't they've spent more time on the voice acting? It's such an important part!!

My conclusion?
I don't care if I don't understand every little thing in the game, I'm NOT playing the ENG version. As for the story modes in JP, it's hard not to understand what's going on....

I'll just finish this angry entry with the trailer.
The Japanese trailer.
Ah, listen to the voices... it's absolute perfection! (Kuja's♥)
/rant rant rant, yes, this is obviously a big issue for me, haha

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