Just a few hours left

I hope Tokyo will be filled with wonderclothes when I arrive, as it seems I have to cut down on my luggage even more, ugh, I don't want to pay an extra €800 for 2,5 kg! So much for a quiet and peaceful last evening... So okay, screw that. Luggage; it's you and me now, and I'm ready to take you down.
I wonder what I should leave behind this time around....

Anyway. At the moment I'm just feeling extremely stressed and nervous, so I'll just continue the luggage fight and hope I'll be able to sleep tonight. Next time I write, I'll probably be in Japan! Woh!

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Anni さんのコメント...

I don't think they're very strict if it's just 1 or 2 kg over the limit. My classmate had a 22 kg luggage and they said it's fine since it's not that much. But if you want to be safe I guess you can leave something, but don't worry if it's just a bit over the limit. :3

Have a nice flight and I'll see you in Japan. :D