I'm still keeping track on the days left though

Let's see now...
I just ordered a Japanese dictionary from Kodansha, after realizing I didn't have one. My dad's in the middle of getting an external harddrive for me. As soon my parents get home from Stockholm we're gonna get me a suitcase. Then I just need an adapter for the electic sockets, and I should be all set!

Mhm, I could've gotten a free trip to Stockholm again this weekend, but I didn't go. The main reason is Tove came back from Ransäter! There's no way I'd miss that! I've spent the day at her place, playing Parappa the Rapper and just relaxing. It's so good to be with old friends. ♥

17 days left now, but my brain seems to be in denial, it really doesn't feel like I'm gonna move to the world's biggest city at all. But I like it this way, just hangin' around in my hometown only doing things I like, before I get thrown back into the harsh reality.
I'm enjoying my last time in Sweden to the fullest, in my own way.☆

See ya!

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Maria ♥ さんのコメント...

You should get an electronic dictionary hand thingy computer while in Japan. ^^ My friend has one of those and she says it's fab.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Yea I've been looking at those, but they're pretty expensive so I haven't really decided if I should get one or not!