No phone yet huh!

Turned out I can't get myself a cell phone before I get my Alien Registration Card... Ugh. More paperwork! ...and it also means no camera for now. Me and Josephine met up with my friend Momoko, who helped with the cell phone-thingy. Afterwards we ate tendon, yum yum Japanese food.♥
We met her at Ikeburo station though we got there a bit early, and during our hour of standing around in there I saw more cool and funky people than I've seen in a lifetime in my hometown.... Well, out here in Chiba it's calm and quiet. Except the pachinko halls that sounds like a 3rd world war; I almost got a heart attack when I passed by one and it suddenly made its existance very clear to me.

Tomorrow is first school day, I don't really have motivation to but I do wanna learn more of the language quick so I can speak more with these people I'm all surrounded by here!

See ya!

P.S Excuse my slightly boring entries... but for now it'll be this way, I sure have soooo much on my mind right now! Gah!!

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