Step by step: hair

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No, it's not a tutorial. I suck at doing tuorials.
It's true!
Once, some years ago, I tried doing one. A few days later the DeviantArt crew moved it from the "Tutorials"-category to the "Illustrations"-cagetory.
And, yah, I haven't tried since then....
To summarize: I'm no good at explaining stuff.

So, mm, it's not a tutorial, it's just me...
....showing off!

(...please tell me you got the pun, please please please)

(no seriously; it was the whole reason I made this entry.)

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Rim さんのコメント...

First of all: That's exactly how I imagine the Shibuya gyaru-oh go about when dying their hair! Second of all: How talented are you!? Crazy!
And lastly: I ♥ your hair!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Rim: Haha well it wouldn't surprise me at all!
And thank you so much! :D