Top 5: Damian Lewis

You know how I really obsess over love Damian Lewis?
Somewhere on teh interwebz I saw someone do a Top 5 of favorite Lewis characters. So! I made one of my own:

No. 5
Life: Charlie Crews
I really like the concept of this show, it's just too bad they can't make any good of it. Mhm, it just... fails. Detective Charlie Crews on the other hand, now he's a character I like! Because of him, I enjoy watching this shitty show very much.
Marriage material. Definately. Yes.

No. 4
Colditz: Nick McGrade

This Scottish accent is hilarious!
Oh, it's a great movie too, I really liked it, and I did vouch for McGrade.
...And the accent is hilarious!

No. 3
Keane: William Keane

This low-budget movie was one of the most uncomfortable I've ever seen. In a good way, that is. Watching him having a severe mental breakdown while trying to find his abducted daughter, it was heart wrenching. I didn't quite know what to do with myself because it was so hard to watch. Lewis did an amazing job on this one, he's such a great actorsldkfjslkdj!!

No. 2
Band of Brothers: Richard Winters
I'm gonna confess; it's hard to put him on second place because he is indeed Perfect In All Ways Amen. Yes, at first I didn't even like this show, but I grew to love it! But I don't even get it, how can someone be so calm and composed and nice and successfull and just perfect and still snatch my heart like that?? I usually dislike those characters!! Whoah, Lewis, you're amazing.

No. 1
The Forsyte Saga: Soames Forsyte
Nothing can beat this. Nothing.
He is the 'bad guy' in the series, but I think I sympathize with him the most! Sure, he's not a very nice man at all, but he's driven by his incredibly strong feelings of love. He's just bad at showing them, and when he tries, it just turns out very wrong. But that's just because he doesn't know any other way of expressing them! And his feelings are indeed genuine!
I love The Forsyte Saga. Lovelovelove. Buying it was the best thing I've done in ages.

Damian Lewis is the most handsome man I've ever awesome in whatever part he's playing, I almost did this a Top 10 instead.
If you ever watch something with him in the cast list, it will be worth your time!



/needed to put that in writing

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Ingrid さんのコメント...

Ylva.. skdhg Hans :o-face i varenda av de här bilderna får mig och fnittra.

Men, ja. Het man. Ja. Skulle kanska se om Forsyte..

Yonaki さんのコメント...

Velat se The Forsyte Safa ett tag nu men inte blivit av ^^ Däremot har jag sett Life och filmen The Baker med Damian Lewis, och ja han är en bra skådespelare helt klart. ^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Ingrid: ...jag gillar hur jag lyckades ta screenshots när han hade typ exakt samma ansiktsuttryck..! Eheh.
Och ja, du borde se om Forsyte. Den är... ♥♥♥

Yonaki: Du borde också se Forsyte, det finns inget bättre!! Mmmm han är to die for. ♥

Ragtag さんのコメント...

I am a fan of Damian Lewis too, but my top 5 would be
1. Life Season 1 - Love Charlie Crews!!
2. Band of Brothers
3. Keane
4. Forsyte Saga
5. Whatever else