Oh god please tell me I look better with the perm because I miss my old VK-hair so fkn much I wanna throw something..!!!
[insert super depressed face here]

Just hangin' around

This is the view I have when I open my eyes in the morning.
It's saturday, it's halloween, and it's the very first time since I came to Tokyo that I don't have any plans! I might get plans later, but as for now... nothing! Wow, that just feels so strange.


ISI Language School

Here's a late birthday present to mah sistah!

Humdidum, the time is maybe 12:15 and I start to make my way to school. Here's right outside my house. It's very peaceful although the main street is so close.

Ah, at Shin-Okubo already! Yea, I'm still too shy to take sneakypictures on the trains because I can't turn off the camera sounds on my keitai so the sneakypictures aren't sneaky.

Right outside Shin-Okubo station!

My classroom, 602! Yep, it's on the 6th floor.

I have four lessons á 50 min every day with a 10 min break in between.
Today we started with kanji. We will learn 6 kanji a day, have a small kanji-test every day and a big kanji-test once a week. Uh oh, seems like vacation is over and I have to start studying....!! But I'm happy, because now we're starting to learn things I didn't already knew from before haha.

We have different sensei's every day but friday is the best since we have my favorite sensei, Hihara! She's so fun to have, has a lot of humor and makes jokes aaaall the time, and is also very good at teaching. When the friday's has come to an end, I always feel like I've learned something.
And today, one in my class left, he only studied here for a month.
(Wait, have I been here a month already?? Insane!)
In my class, there are:
Three billion Chinese
One billion Korean
Five Swedish (including me)
Two Taiwanese
Two French
One American
And one from Nepal.
I don't feel any strong bonds to my class, but it's ok since I have buddies in 603.
Hmhmhm, is there anything more I can write about my school... Up until now it kinda hasn't been feeling like I've been going to school at all, but yea, now it's starting for real! My spirits are high who!
See ya~

My hangout

It's at the main street, very close to the station.
You pay at the vending machine, get a ticket, goes in and give them the ticket, gets your food in like 30 seconds, eat, and leave. SO CONVENIENT. ♥ I use to eat a steady lunch here for 270yen.
It's mostly me, lots of salarymen, some young guys, a few old men, and occasionally a woman who's ordering take out.

Like a... maze... thingy...

Shinjuku station a friday evening when you're drunk is so... weird.....

And why is it only 20:30 I feel stupid.

My balcony

Before I go to school, I will proudly introduce you to...
my balcony!

The view, not very exciting.

To the left

To the right

And one of my nice partners;
my washing machine, yay!

I'm so happy I have a washing machine, because the thought of having to spend my 100yen-coins on something as interesting as washing clothes isn't a very appealing thought.

Seeeeee ya!



On my ~5 minutes walk to the subway station here in Shin-Nakano, I pass by a small temple. It's squeezed in between two 20 floor houses and a parking lot, just some steps from the main street, but still hidden and very peaceful.

Also, there are at least five billion cats in my area, and in the night they are everywhere! I think I saw about 20 on my short trip to the temple. Two of them even followed me around! Oh it's so cute I die.

Good night!

Today's three

Going to school too early.
That's gotta stop!
But today we got the test back, and my score was 97 out of 100! I'm satisfied.

And why is one of the toilets mirror so damn low!
Girls aren't that short here!

Also, accidently getting too many glasses of water turned out to be kinda comfortable, not having to go up to get more, while discussing Swedish politics, haha!
See ya


Oh ViViD, why do I love you so much when you are so silly.
(And why are you so awesome live.)

/can't sleep



Mmm leather jacket.

Wow it's awesome and so easy to make a Cool in it! That + JackRose boots + JackRose sunglasses = me taking over the world.
But as I suspected it's still a bit too hot to wear it.... It's a shame since I wanna wear it every minute of the day hihi.

I don't write much about school, now do I?
It's because it's not very exciting. We've just begun to learn something I didn't know from before. And today we had a big test on everything we've done up until now... I felt really good about it but I can't be really sure.

Well I don't write much about school since it's after school the action is!
Today was a short trip to Shinjuku and all the Visual kei CD shops that I so totally can ruin myself in. I was gonna get a ticket for And's oneman but they didn't have it so we went on to Shibuya, where we suddenly ran into Takehiro, the singer from a band that Martin fancy! We stayed and talked to him and it was all pretty funny and just a little bit awkward haha! So when we didn't have more things to say, we went on to Zeal link where they had a fat bunch of And tickets! Signed, for some cool reason.

Oooooh I'm so looking forward to this now!!
Martin also made me buy an old CD from Takehiro's old band バギーボギー(well I didn't really resist) and on our way back he was still in the same place, handing out napkins as a part time job haha. So, I asked for his autograph which seemed to make him really happy!

Tokyo is where it happens.
And well, then we went in to 109-2. Because how can you NOT go in there for just a little bit when you're nearby? (Also since they have JackRose hehe) Mmmm I love being in there yumyumyum, men's fashion is so totally my style haha!
At GladNews I saw this amazing blazer and fell in love with it, started to check it out more thorough and of course a shop staff (do even need to mention it was a super HOT shop staff?) immediatly comes up and says I can try it on. So I did, and knew I had to get it!

Isn't it beauuuutiful!
Also, from the inside fitting room I heard him talking to Martin calling me cute. ("Kawaii neee!")
CUTE! ...ME? ........CUTE?!
Wow, I believe it's the very first time that has ever happened and I kinda feel flattered hahaha!☆
See yayayayayayyayayay

Pimp my fridge

I'm doing it pretty good actually?


Payed the rent today, bye bye money!
I'll only miss you just a tiny little bit because getting an apartment is the best thing I've done here.


Let's get married

Ah, look at it!
Isn't it the most beautiful leather jacket you have ever seen in your entire life? I know it is for me.♥

It's leather. It's got fur. It creaks when I move around in it. And. It's from JackRose.

This time, the gorgeous dude was in the store when we arrived, yay! (Ok this is silly, how long should I wait before I can ask his name?!) He went super happy and waved energetic when he saw us, he even looked truly excited haha!
Well. I knew exactly what I wanted so I told him that directly, but I looked around in the store a bit before I bought it. I JUST WANNA SPEND AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE IN THERE OKTHNX.

Oh and this time, I got to talk some more with him, since he asked how long I was staying in Tokyo yay! Aw man, he's dreamy.

As is the jacket. Mmmm. The perfect leather jacket from JackRose, just what I needed in my life. And! It was on sale! 40% off! What a deal!
And! It's not tight at all as it felt like when I tried it on last week! (Well it's tight but it's not too tight, which is a huge difference.)
Wowowow, this day is just perfect☆

JackRose, I wanna marry you.
And your staff.

See yayeah!☆

I could eat this every day

Especially for halloween:
Pumpkin-creme-brulee-with-almonds-and-soft-cream crepes.


PS. One of them is Josephine's.

Bought at one of the crepes stands on Takeshita dori.
Where two cool Visual kei-girls and a dude who looked just Kousei (ex-GHOST) was working.

Amazing picture, right? You can see his face and cool hair so well!
I am teh picture master.




Possibly one of the best mails I've ever recieved.

V-rock festival: Sunday

Day 2 of V-rock festival!
This time I didn't get lost at Tokyo station!
On the Saturday there weren't that much cool people around to be honest, but on the Sunday there was such an immense amount of cool everywhere you looked! Because of The GazettE? ...probably.
So! The first act was Kagrra, but I chose to go to the V stage instead to get a good view, since I'll see Kagrra, again in two weeks already. While I was waiting, Loveless (Nana Kitade x TAIZO) did their performance on the S stage. It was not good. If you've ever considered seeing Nana Kitade live, don't; it will be a total waste of time and money and that's all I've got to say about that.
After they (finally) finished, the band I was waiting for appeared on the V stage; -OZ-! There weren't that much people watching first but they managed to draw a lot more after a few songs. And I just have to say, they sure is one of the most handsome bands on the festival. Also, I'm quite impressed by Natsukis voice and growling (and captivated by his cute smile hihi) and I sure want to see them again!

I quickly moved myself closer to the S stage to watch And! They're one of the bands I really really looked forward to see live, and was it awesome or what! The energy was amazing and the audience were also crazy energetic, headbanging their wits off, especially on Sobut everyone went craaaazy! And all the members were so much cooler than I ever could imagined. They played almost only my favorite songs too!
I quickly got back to the V stage just in time where exist†trace appeared after a few minutes. Coolest chicks in Makuhari Messe, no arguments there. Their live was pretty awesome, but I'm not impressed by her voice, she always stopped singing on some parts to avoid the higher notes. Yea, they were great but I've seen better.
Then I ran to the L stage where I watched the last songs of Matenrou Opera. There were so many people watching them!! But well, I didn't get to see much but from what I did see, I think they did a great live!
After they finished I made my way to the very front of the stage beside (R stage) where Merry soon appeared. Gara came in wearing a school uniform and a bunny mask covering his head, standing on a school bench. So what did I think? Well I have only one thing to say and that is
That was probably the best live I have ever seen in my entire life.
No, really!
I'm not even that big of a fan, but I was completely and utterly overwhelmed! It was so violently good!! I don't know how I should express this, but, it sorta didn't feel like it was a stage act, it felt like... this is How It Is. Yes! This is IT! Oh god it was the best.
After they finished I made my way back to the S stage where Duel Jewel went on stage. They were pretty good but their music is kinda random and I was still in a daze after Merry's live so I don't really remember much of their show.
I stayed and watched the Underneath, they were reeeeaaaally good, although I've read and heard so much about them I've never actually listened to them, but maybe I should just do that now!

Right after that on the V stage was DaizyStripper, they did some dorky intro playing "We will rock you" but exchanged the words to "V Rock Fes" which was a bit silly but kinda funny.
I didn't stay long because it was time for the photo session with exist†trace! I was the second in line so I went in pretty fast. First, they put me in a sofa by myself to take an individual picture, and I do think I managed to make a Cool because he took a lot of shots, both full body and close ups! Then, they showed me to another sofa where the band was sitting and all my Cool ran of somewhere, overshadowed by the super big amount of Cool from the members. I think I managed to look like a complete dork, haha! But they were all super nice and friendly, and when we were finished they all made super Happy Faces and suddenly became crazy cute. (Why is it so adorable when cool people make a Happy!)
ut I really have no idea how the hell I should buy the pictures so I'm a bit worried ugh.
I moved back to the smallest stage where [_Vani;lla] just finished, I only got to see a half song which was a bit sad since I wanted to see their whole show.
So I got myself a good spot in front of the S stage to see lynch.! And it was AWESOME! Listening to their CDs is nothing compared to their live, NOTHING! (You hear me? NOTHING!!) I think they just leveled up from being a Great Band I Like to One Of My Absolute Favorites. Oh yes wow it was amazing, I'm so happy I'll see them again in another two weeks~!

I went back to the R and L stages (all this walking back and forth, huge event hall is huge) where Ayabie did the last of their live. Well, I'm not a fan and I wasn't impressed either.
Soon after, Vidoll entered the L stage. Again with the crazily huge amount of people!! Well they sure weren't a hit, although I did in fact watch the whole show.
But yea, I only stayed the whole time because I was waiting for LM.C. Their music is too happy for my taste, but they did play some older songs that I really fancy! It was also nice to see Aiji (cuz of PIERROT, you know) but Maya's voice live didn't really get me going.

I hurried back to the V stage to see Screw, although their music is a bit too boring for my taste, haha! Personally I think they're kinda like The GazettE Junior. Their live wasn't very exciting either so now when I think about it afterwards I could've just as well stayed at LM.C.
A little while after Screw it was time for heidi. on the S stage! They played quite a lot before the curtain rised actually and made everyone go all "??" for a while, the only band that did that. I had high expectations, and I sure didn't get disappointed, they were super awesome live! Also, Houmatsu, Synchro, HELLO!, and Heaven were in the setlist which made it all even more awesome!

Then it was time for the fashion show again, it was exactly the same except that the guest models (members from bands) weren't participating so it was a little boring.
As soon as it was finished everyone pushed real hard and made me go all the way to the front, as it was time for Versailles. I have to say it was kinda boring, they mostly just stood there. Also, their music is not my thing, so I didn't really enjoyed it. Their support bassist was amazingly hot though (it was the same who played with Angelo) and he had the most gorgeous hair ever!

There weren't that much artist goods there so I didn't buy much, only three photosets and a t-shirt from D'espairsRay.

And then, well, it was only the final act left: The GazettE. They were the only band (at least that I saw) that got fireworks! Well so anyway. They were incredibly boring, I left after 30 minutes because I really wasn't amused. And also because I wanted to leave before the other five billion people would do the same thing.

Outside Makuhari Messe were all the small Visual kei bands standing again. I spotted Hiro from SINCREA and went up to him, he recognized me and said "Ah! Heeeeeey! :D" and I went all "Yaaay :D" and then he wanted to shake my hand again, haha! At the train station entrace were Danger☆Gang again, and this time I dared to ask Hiko if I could take a picture with her since I think she super cool. She was so happy and friendly (and cool) yeah!
Well mm, there were really a lot of band standing there, but the only ones I've knew about before was Danger☆Gang, SINCREA, Megaromania, ALiBi and PIECE. Oh well. Everyone was so fkn CUTE hihi!

And yah, that was the end of V-rock festival day 2!
This event was so amazing, I still can't believe I've already seen so many bands I love! Ah... I hope they make a V-rock festival 2010 before I leave the country.

See ya☆☆☆


V-rock festival: Saturday

I was a bit stressed after having overslept and also got confused over where the heck Keiyou line is on Tokyo station (it's HUGE), but I got to Makuhari Messe in great time allright!
I exchanged my ticket for the wristband and made my way into the event halls.
It was really big, but it sure didn't feel as big as it looked on the wide screen TV at the biggest stages. Did you watch the live broadcast? Here's a map so you get the picture:

I walked around for a little bit to check out the place, got some food since I didn't eat breakfast (but it was so expensive ugh, 300yen for water?!) and then the first live begun so I made my way to the V stage.

I hadn't heard of Toon Factory before, but they were really cute and funky. Since it was the very first act of V-rock festival, people hadn't really become warmed up and there wasn't that much people watching since I guess most people was watching SEX MACHINEGUNS that were playing on the L stage. But Toon Factory did a great job in getting people fired up, so I give them a seal of approval!

The bands on the V and S stages (i.e. the smaller stages) only had 20 min to play, so soon after they finished, SuG went on the S stage! When Takeru came out all the girls around me squealed "Kyaaaa kawaiiiiii!!!" and was he cute or what! (And short, omg!) His charisma is amazing and completely captivating, no arguments there. Well, they were great live, altough I'm not a fan. But they played some old songs that I actually fancy, so I was happy!

As soon as SuG was finished I ran over to the other side of Makuhari Messe, just in time for PENICILLIN. You gotta love the men in super tight leather mini pants, haha! Hakuei was so awesome I shat some bricks. Bands on the biggest stages (L and R) had 30-35 min each, but it felt like PENICILLIN did mostly MC? They talked a lot anyways. Chisato is a great guitarrist and the image of his bare thighs is stuck in my head.

A few minutes after PENICILLIN, it was time for Kra on the stage beside. Keiyuu is probably the smallest man I've ever seen. The first song they played was artman, which is probably the one song that gets stuck in my head the most, I'm so glad I got to hear it live! Well, except for artman, I'm not a fan, haha, so after about 20 minutes I left and ran back to V stage where...

...Velbet was playing! I think they're pretty cool but I've never really liked their music. But. Their live was SO GREAT and they were SO COOL on stage, I almost felt like upgrading them to One Of My Favorite Bands! Their live was better than Kra (omg yes I just said that) so I kinda regret I didn't watch them from their beginning.

I stayed at the V stage since I was waiting for the next band, and in the meantime, NinjaManJapan had their live on the S stage. (There's Lida from ex-Psycho le Cemu.) IT WAS HILARIOUS! I think I went "wtf!" at least three times. They made a really cool show with two long fighting scenes and lots of super awesome acrobats jumping around, and their music, well, it was ok. But they made me think "Aw I wanna be a ninja too!!!!" while being completely serious.

But what I really was waiting for was ViViD! Yes! I love them and I'm not ashamed of it!! This time I was standing in the very front so I went all fired up, headbanging and dancing along. They were super amazingly cute and super awesome live, and they only played my favorite songs which made it all even more awesome. They were also one of few bands that I completely forgot about the time and went all "What, already??" when they said they'd do the last song. I wanna go to a oneman!

After ViViD I quickly ran to the L stage (yes, there was a lot of walking back and forth) where I saw the last two songs of D. Since I didn't see much, I don't really have much to say except that I think they were pretty awesome. I'll see them in two weeks again though so it's ok.

When they left the stage I went back (again) to the other side where Megamasso were playing. I watched a few songs but wasn't that amused so I went outside to check out the artist goods. Though there weren't much interesting stuff.

I went back to the L and R stages, where BREAKERZ was on stage. Haha, it was pretty fun to watch because I think Daigo is really silly! But apparently they're crazy popular since it was a crazy amount of people watching. When it was over, you could notice Daigo didn't really wanna leave the stage, because he was talking as long as he could, trying to make the stage time longer.

But what I went back in to was Angelo who started right after! I was really excited to see them, since I'm a big fan of PIERROT, but to my dissappointment (and surprise) it wasn't that great actually. Kirito's voice is amazing, but other than that, I don't have much to say.

I stayed at my position in front of the R stage, and soon after it was time for Alice Nine! There were a lot of people watching but it wasn't crowded which made me a little surprised since I thought they were more popular than that. Well, they were great live, Nao swinged his drumsticks a lot which made me go YAY, but to tell the truth, it was a little bit boring. It made me little bit sad because I really like them! But now, I wouldn't pay for a oneman.

I made my way out and back to S stage as quickly as I could since the Best Band was about to play; D'espairsRay! As always, they were amazing.♥ Also, the only band I bothered to remember the setlist:
1. Bullet (with intro)
3. Garnet
4. Lost in re:birth
5. Ark in the Storm
6. Trickster
I was hoping that they'd play Going on!, but I'm glad I got to hear Lost in re:birth again, it's so awesome live! Wowowowowow it was so great, I want to see them again sooooon! Their live was way too short wah!!

Well, after being happy and content with having seen D'espairsAwesome, I rushed back to the L stage to see some of Plastic Tree! Bands in the late afternoon/evening had longer time to play (except for bands on V stage), and I think Plastic Tree had abut 45 min. Ryuutarou, aka The Ultimate Man, was as amazing as always, and I was glad to see KenKen in action for my first time! I also find it unbelievably adorable when Ryuutarou tries to be all emotional and serious as always, but is way too excited for the act, gives up, and just makes the Happiest Face ever.

I saw about 15 min of Plastic Tree before I ran back to V stage since I didn't want to miss out on Doremidan. Makoto was super happy and jumped around the stage like crazy! They were great live, but I'm not a fan so mm.

And then on the S stage, it was time for Moi dix Mois! I was happy to see them again, although their show was pretty much exactly the same as the one in Stockholm I went to a couple of years ago. Mana was as beautiful as always (it's insane♥) but he seemed to have some issues with his choker since he was doing something with it all the time. They played two new songs which were good but sounded kinda like everything else they've done...

After 5 more minutes on the same stage, it was the fashion show with brands from Laforet! It was so cool to see, and also kinda fun to see the KERA models in real life. (Aoki Misako is that pretty, just not as photoshopped.) There were also guest models, like Hakuei for Black Peace Now, Takeru for World Wide Love and Makoto for Angelic Pretty! After all that, Mana came out modelling Moi-même-Moitié just in random (there's no Moitié in Laforet), kinda like he wanted more stage time, haha!
But yes, the fashion show was really cool.

Afterwards, there was D'ERLANGER (still on the S stage) that I really enjoyed watching!

The final and main act on Saturday was Marilyn Manson on the R stage. Who told me he was boring live? I thought he was great! His MC's were also pretty funny since he was all "Yea hi, I'm not from Japan I'm from America and you may not get what I'm saying but yea ok." haha! Mm yes, that was an awesome show!

I left after about 45 min though (I think he had 1 hour) because I was satisfied and very tired, so I made my way out. It had started raining and was kinda cold as well. And outside, from the entrance all the way to the train station was members from smaller bands standing handing out flyers and promo CDs. One of the first dudes I came across was Hiro from SINCREA, that I actually think is an ok band, so I stopped and went all "Hey I'm a fan" (although I'm kinda not haha) and asked if I could get an autograph. For the record, he's very hot but very short which I find hilarous for some reason. Well, he signed the paper he just gave me and then shook my hand and it was so COLD I got this urge to put him in my bag and take him home with me. (But I didn't.) I continued my way to the station, recieving flyers from all the bands. They were all looking a little bit miserable, standing there in the rain, but if you took a flyer the all went "Yay thank you!" and made a happy face WHICH WAS SO CUTE OMG.
Just at the entrance I came across this hot chick, when I suddenly went all "....waaaait a minute" when I realized it was DangerGang! Their music is not very good but I think they're pretty cool haha. I had a talk with Tera (she even asked my name woho).

But really. Small kinda unknown Visual kei band, why are they so adorable.

Also, on my way home I managed to NOT getting lost! Yay me!

And that was the end of V-rock festival day 1!
Awesome event is awesome.
Day 2 coming soon!
See ya!☆


V-rock awesomeness x2

Today, I've watched these bands live:

(Nope, no Kagrra,. I chose the others since I'll see Kagrra, on Mad tea party in two weeks.)

Wowowowow what a weekend!!!!
If I could hug V-rock festival I'd end up squeezing it to death!

Tomorrow I'm gonna write about all that's happened!
(It's a lot.)

In the meantime, have a picture of me and Hiko!

See yaaaaaaaaa♥


V-rock awesomeness

I'm so gonna write my ass off about this♥, but not tonight; I don't want to oversleep again like I did this morning, hah. (But I got there in time anyway! Yay me!)

In the meantime, have a look at who I've seen live today!
i.e. expect live reports from these bands.☆

See ya☆☆☆

In other short news that I'll write more about later, afterwards I also had a talk with Danger☆Gang and Hiro from Sincrea.


V-rock festival, are you ready??

Makuhari Messe is starting to be all set for V-rock festival tomorrow!
I'm starting to get a bit excited...! Even though I probably won't be able to see every band I want to see.

Oh and it's gonna be broadcasted live, 11:00 ~ 21:00 on Saturday and Sunday (Tokyo local time), so if you don't feel like sleeping; do watch!

Check it out here!

Now I gotta run to Family Mart since I forgot buy hairspray and get cash. See yaaaa

Ran to Family Mart and discovered that the ATM machine was for only Japanese banks, checked my wallet and found 258 yen and got depressed by the thought of not being able to buy/eat anything at V-rock fes while The Cutest Guy On The Block stood in the cashier watching me and my ordeal.
Ran home and got a sudden realization when I remembered I've got an Immense Amount of Cash in my bento box that's supposed to be saved for rent
problem resolved.

My alarm is set for 04:30 ugh, I want to sleep.


Közi is one I never ever never ever ever never EVER thought I'd see live, but!
It's happening!!
I was so pissed over the halloween live he had yesterday (I think) with 9GOATS BLACK OUT sold out before I could get my hands on a ticket, but the 26th November, my life will be complete. (...yet again.)
Wow, közi!
That's just.... wow!

Other than the small trip to Harajuku for the tickets, I have nothing exciting to tell. Now I'm gonna paint my nails and hope my hair will behave tomorrow when I'm going to V-rock festival. I'm going to bed early, have to get up at 5am since it's in Makuhari, way out in Chiba ugh... I actually don't really have much track on what's gonna happen there so I guess I'll just go with the flow!
It's bound to be awesome anyway.

See ya☆


Me + exist†trace = true?!

I think I just won a photo session with exist†trace on V-rock festival!

Pimp my fridge

Put some postcards and flyers on my frigde in a small effort of trying to hide the very obvious fact that it's so... pink.


If there's a cat, we have to stop. Here's one at a shrine close to the main street in Shin-Okubo.

By the way, there are tons of stray cats where I live, at least two millions! They are everywhere.

A cake from JackRose would be the ultimate cake, no arguments there

This thursday went by with me only having two thoughts;
1. "Hm, maybe I should go to JackRose today."
2. "I wanna go to JackRose!"

This is starting to get unhealthy.
Why do I have to get so obsessed by things?!
Well. I forced myself not to go (but it was a tough battle!), or I'd end up buying something. The only reason I didn't buy anything yesterday was because I promised to buy something next week. Damn I'm gonna ruin myself in that damn store. Damn.

Oh and the USB cord to my DS magically appeared after being lost for a while, and at the same time the USB cord to my camera dissappeared in its place... So it's gonna be keitai pictures for some time now.

Ah, today it's one week since I moved in to my splendid apartment!
If I had a cake I'd celerbrate.
Mmm cake.

Now I can hear my neighbour's phone ringing.

See yaaaaaayayayaya


The ultimate band or the ultimate band?

The timetables for V-rock festival are up, mostly it looks good but I might have to choose between some bands... I'm not sure if it's easy to walk around or if you have to watch one band the whole time they're playing (but that can't be, right...?) or how long they're playing.

But if I'm assuming you gotta watch one band the whole time and that they play about 30-40 minutes each, I have to make some (more or less) difficult choices...
Kra or Velbet?
D or ViViD?
D'espairsRay or Plastic Tree? (YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING)
Kagrra, or -OZ- or And? (PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE)

Oh my, suddenly my head's all in a mess, what should I do, what should I do, if I choose to watch Kagrra, and And I think it'll be ok, but I badly want to se -OZ- as well ughhh, and D'espairsRay on 16:25~ and Plastic Tree on 16:40~, gah that is probably the worst that could've happen... Curseeeees.


Fanta grape and C.C. Lemon.
Damn vending machines, why are you everywhere...

The best buy and the best store

Cardigan: Gadget Grow
T-shirt: SEX POT ReVeNGe
Pants: Sixh.
Boots: JackRose

What pose is that? Never again!
Doesn't my silhouette kinda look like a big... bag? I love it, haha! There's fabric everywhere and it's flapping all around in the wind. I so approve of this style. My teacher even complimented my pants in school today! And this cardigan is also nominated for the Best Buy Ever-award.

After school was Harajuku again. But I didn't buy anything, no, my mission today was.... to be in the JackRose store! Isn't it kinda bad if you get abstinence by a shop??
The gorgeous dude wasn't around when me and Josephine went in though, so another staff assisted me. He later came down from upstairs when I was waiting by the fitting room, froze and went all "!!!" when he saw us and then looked a little bit dissappointed (because another staff cought us first?), and tried to hang around a little before giving up to go out and smoke. Aw man, now I almost feel like I've let him down!! It's amazing how these boys can charm your wits off.

I tried on the leather jacket I need in my life. It's a craving now!
I could also conclude that it's a bit too tight at the bottom... (Damn junk in the trunk!) ...but I'm ready to ignore that fact. I can keep it open and no one will ever notice. I need to satisfy this craving I'm having, and that jacket is the only item that will still my hunger! Gah!!
So. I told the staff I'll buy it next week, he went all "Yaaay thankyouthankyou see you next week!!" and I went all uwah I hope my other dude is around when I come in!

WHAO geez I wanna die in that store. I wonder if I'm allowed? (Maybe I can ask.)

Also, my handbag that's been a dear companion for a long time is slowly giving up on me now, and the first thing that comes to my mind is OMG YES I CAN BUY A BAG FROM JACKROSE!!!
This is bad.
Bad bad bad.

Oh, now I can hear my neighbour using the microwave.

See yaaaaaaaaa

Food no.4

Not sure what it is, some meat-with-cheese-thingy.
At Sukiya in Shin-Okubo.

(Why is blogging about food so much fun?)