Today before school, me and Josephine went to Shibuya to get her a cell phone (that's the place to go!) which worked out almost as fast as it did for me! She also managed to get a picture with me and Hachikou and make it look like no one was around although it was crowded!

That's some talent, haha!
After whe happily got her keitai, we went into 109-2 (the male version of Shibuya 109) and straight up to the 5th floor and JackRose. Mmmm. That shop was just almost incredibly wonderful as the one in Harajuku, although not as big. I checked the leather jacket I'm going to buy sometime soon, I long for the day to come, and immediatly a shop staff comes up to tell you it's ok to try it on. (They always do.) Though I didn't, because if I did, I'd end up buying it. And I want to buy it from the flag shop in Harajuku, hihi.
Oh but wow, I felt so at home in 109-2! All the men's fashion! All the cool people! Wah! Now I feel even more inspired and fired up about everything in the whole world!
After school we went to Ikebukuro to eat and then went on to Closet Child. They also had kinda everything. How can every shop have everything? How is that even possible??
Here, have a sneaky picture from inside.

It's so hard to keep restraining myself from buying everything I see!!
Oh but. This weekend is V-rock festival (!!!) and I'll probably end up splashing my cash over there too.
See yaaaaaaaaaa

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Rose さんのコメント...

Its so fun reading about ur carzeh shopping urges all the time XD But how do u manage to buy so much stuff : O det måste väl ädnå göra ett stooort hål i din ficka. lol för swe/eng...visste inte hur jag skulle fortsätta efteråt : P

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Rose: haha va bra, är ju nästan bara det jag skriver om märker jag XD... och tja, SÅ mycket köper jag inte! ;D