A cake from JackRose would be the ultimate cake, no arguments there

This thursday went by with me only having two thoughts;
1. "Hm, maybe I should go to JackRose today."
2. "I wanna go to JackRose!"

This is starting to get unhealthy.
Why do I have to get so obsessed by things?!
Well. I forced myself not to go (but it was a tough battle!), or I'd end up buying something. The only reason I didn't buy anything yesterday was because I promised to buy something next week. Damn I'm gonna ruin myself in that damn store. Damn.

Oh and the USB cord to my DS magically appeared after being lost for a while, and at the same time the USB cord to my camera dissappeared in its place... So it's gonna be keitai pictures for some time now.

Ah, today it's one week since I moved in to my splendid apartment!
If I had a cake I'd celerbrate.
Mmm cake.

Now I can hear my neighbour's phone ringing.

See yaaaaaayayayaya

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