The best buy and the best store

Cardigan: Gadget Grow
T-shirt: SEX POT ReVeNGe
Pants: Sixh.
Boots: JackRose

What pose is that? Never again!
Doesn't my silhouette kinda look like a big... bag? I love it, haha! There's fabric everywhere and it's flapping all around in the wind. I so approve of this style. My teacher even complimented my pants in school today! And this cardigan is also nominated for the Best Buy Ever-award.

After school was Harajuku again. But I didn't buy anything, no, my mission today was.... to be in the JackRose store! Isn't it kinda bad if you get abstinence by a shop??
The gorgeous dude wasn't around when me and Josephine went in though, so another staff assisted me. He later came down from upstairs when I was waiting by the fitting room, froze and went all "!!!" when he saw us and then looked a little bit dissappointed (because another staff cought us first?), and tried to hang around a little before giving up to go out and smoke. Aw man, now I almost feel like I've let him down!! It's amazing how these boys can charm your wits off.

I tried on the leather jacket I need in my life. It's a craving now!
I could also conclude that it's a bit too tight at the bottom... (Damn junk in the trunk!) ...but I'm ready to ignore that fact. I can keep it open and no one will ever notice. I need to satisfy this craving I'm having, and that jacket is the only item that will still my hunger! Gah!!
So. I told the staff I'll buy it next week, he went all "Yaaay thankyouthankyou see you next week!!" and I went all uwah I hope my other dude is around when I come in!

WHAO geez I wanna die in that store. I wonder if I'm allowed? (Maybe I can ask.)

Also, my handbag that's been a dear companion for a long time is slowly giving up on me now, and the first thing that comes to my mind is OMG YES I CAN BUY A BAG FROM JACKROSE!!!
This is bad.
Bad bad bad.

Oh, now I can hear my neighbour using the microwave.

See yaaaaaaaaa

4 件のコメント:

rusty さんのコメント...

Haha, jag älskar att läsa om dina JackRose-besatta inlägg. Jag blir alldeles varm innuti.

Frida さんのコメント...

Äääälskar din outfit! Awesome!!

Yonaki さんのコメント...

Heeeeet outfit!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

rusty: skönt att höra att nån uppskattar dom iaf! för det lär bli ganska många såna inlägg framöver... ^^;

Frida + Yonaki: tack darlings :D