Curly burly

Perm, I has it.

I went to SinDen in Harajuku, a hair salon specializing on western hair. Located on a small, obscure, extremely hard to find back street in Omotesandou, now that was a challenge to find, I tell you. But the building is really cool, yes?

When I arrived, I got to wear a silk robe and was served a drink of choice. I got a superawesome and relaxing treatment, and then the action started. My stylist Takako was supernice and friendly, and also just happened to be the Master Stylist. So I sat there, with pink and orange curlers in my hair and thought now what the hell am I getting myself into...??!!
And well... this:

Soft curls, kinda exactly as I wanted!
And oh god I have to be happy, I've never ever spent this much money on my hair alone before.

Bye bye, VK-hair.
Now my hair colors looks kinda weird haha.

See yaaaaa

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Maja さんのコメント...

wow, det är så annorlunda! men jag gillar det verkligen!

Rose さんのコメント...

Fint : ) !

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

so pretty~~! <3