The first day of school was very (very) very easy. I know all these things already! But I like how the lessons are all in Japanese.

Afterwards it was time for Harajuku again; I needed shopping! The first stop was SEX POT ReVeNGe, and oh my, the staff, Ito-CHAN... at first she just looked very bad ass and kinda in a bad mood, but then when I talked to her she was just so darn cute! I wanted to hug her. She's my favorite shop clerk now, haha! The next stop was SEX POT TOKYO; I wanted to go there just because I secretly wished for MEGU to be there - I've had some sort of fangirl crush on her for years. And, lucky me, there she was! To my surprise, just like I imagined her. SEX POT TOKYO was bigger and had a slightly better range of clothes, but I like ReVeNGe better because of Ito-CHAN.

Yes, shop staff here can get really famous.

We went to Laforet as well, and on the B1 floor was, wham!, right in my face; Gadget Grow. It might just be the only shop where I want to buy everything. I tried on a couple of things and felt awesome. Really awesome.
Need. To. Get.

Lastly, I got a (super incredibly fantastically cool) wallet from h.NAOTO. It's got everything; a skull print, studs, a chain, and is very big and convenient with lots of space for cards. The wallet I've used up until now is pink and baby blue (!!??) and I now I can really feel that it has been something wrong in my life. I have my new black leather wallet in my lap and it feels so GOOD. Never underestimate the power of a good wallet!

Also, I feel a bit unused to the Japanese way of shopping - first of all the look-but-not-touch rule for accessories I have to adapt myself to. Second, the pretty annoying fact that the staff use to follow you around in the store all the time. And third, that they company you out of the store with the goods and gives you a bow down to the floor. Now that makes me feel good!

Tomorrow is consultation at the hair studio, please wish me luck!!
See ya☆

P.S. There's a commercial for beer on the Yamanote line featuring Asano Tadanobu. Suddenly, riding the metro becomes much more fun.

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Rose さんのコメント...

Vaaaa...varför får man inte röra assesoarerna, har ngn sagt åt dig : P ?

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Affärerna har inga larm, så de vill väl se efter så ingen snor nåt. Jag petade lite på ett armband inne på Algonquins, och direkt kom det fram en och sa åt mig att sluta. (Fast otroligt vänligt, haha)

rusty さんのコメント...

Jag tycker att det känns smått obekvämt när de ska följa en till dörren, ibland. Jag vill typ klappa dem på huvudet och säga "Jag är inte så viktig som du försöker få mig att känna mig".
Det är mysigt när de känner igen en. Dig kommer de definitivt känna igen! ^o^/