JackRose 4 evah

Good morning my bright blue mirror for 100 yen!

This saturday, me and Josephine met up with the Finnish girl Anni and went for some shopping in Harajuku. Here, have a picture of whatever this street is called, ugh, I keep forgetting... Aoyama?

And here, have a picture outside of Closet Child on Takeshita street. Someday I'll get a good picture of Takeshita, I promise.

Oh and here, have a picture of the ticket I got for Mad tea party!! Oh yeah.

Well ok.
I went back to my true love.
By now you should know I mean JackRose. ♥

The gorgeous staff dude recognized us and came to greet me and did some small talk, yay! I checked out the leather jackets, I need a leather jacket from JackRose in my life, badly. And by badly I mean BADLY. I only need to decide when to get it haha.

Oh but, I realized it's nearly impossible for me to go into that store without buying anything, this time I ended up with a pair of sunglasses! (But I needed one so it's ok. I keep telling myself.)

And here's me wearing them trying to make a cool.

When I stood at the cashier paying, this other staff dude suddenly said "Whoah!!" and pointed at my shoes (the new boots I got), and went all oh yeah! while winking and making thumbs up. So now I start to feel familiar with more shop staff and ugh I'm gonna spend so much money in there.

Whoaaaah it's so ridiculous.
When I think about JackRose... I get all.... I....
Ok, so, after visiting the store the first time, I turned to Josephine, and I squealed.
Yes. True love. ♥

(In love with a brand... what the.)

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Anni さんのコメント...

Hehe, it was nice to meet you guys. :3

Btw, I checked my ticket number for Mad tea party and it's B 170 so pretty close to yours! I also happened to check Despa's website and they have a live at Yokohama Blitz on 30.12. I wanna goooo. *-* There's a ticket lottery starting on the 29th, and I'm probably going to participate in that since I won't get my fanclub membership in time for the presale.

Rose さんのコメント...

Kul, vad är Mad Tea Party för ngt ? ^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Anni: uhuh, fun meeting you too! ^^ I'll talk to you about the live :D

Rose: det är ett live event som D anordnar, du kan se alla band som deltar högst upp på biljetten ^^