Antique 1st press

I think I've done the best buy in my life today.

Just strolled into Closet Child CD shop in Harajuku... And on the RARE-shelf I saw Antique with MUCC again (it's in almost every second hand CD shop), eyed at the price and COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES when it said 5 800yen.
5 800yen!

This CD is mine now.♥

Mmmmm Antique, 1st press!!
Notice the nail in the case?

For your information, Antique was released in 1999 with only 1 000 copies. (A 2nd press, remastered, was released in 2000 in 5 000 copies, with a new intro and a replaced song.)

This is probably the best (mini)album I know of.
From back in the old glorious days when MUCC was the best band in the universe. Wow, I can't believe I've gotten my hands on this... I never ever thought I'd be able to!!
I can die happily now.♥

See yaaaaa♥♥♥

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