Confession in Harajuku - the love of my life

I think today might just be the best day I've had since arriving in Japan.
Because of.... JackRose!
Today was the first time I entered the store; the flag shop in Harajuku. And, now this is a bit embarrassing, I was kinda nervous..! There's a possibility I might've not even dared to go inside if Josephine weren't with me!
Why, you ask? Because, uh... hm... because I have been longing for ages to visit the store, because it's men's fashion and I'm not a man, because it's so awesome and I'm not, because adslkjfhgskdj well mainly because I have a major crush on it. On JackRose. Mhm.

So anyway. We went inside and was greeted by this hot shop staff. And by hot I mean the OMFG HOTHOTHOT kind of hot. And cute. And he could speak some english too! I looked around, he showed me a catalogue, I died inside due to all the clothes being fkn awesome, I checked out the too-good-to-be-true shoes, he told me I could try them on, I blurted out I'd come back later, and went out. No really, I had to go out because I felt I'd start to hyper ventilate any minute.


So after a while we went back, was greeted by another cool dude and a cool gal, then the omfghothothot-dude spotted us and ran up to greet us. (Though Josephine was head to toe in Angelic Pretty so I guess they saw that I was the potential customer, haha) I tried on the boots I've been drooling over for some weeks. They were perfect. I knew I had to have them. So. I got them. Mmm. I got the catalogue too. Mmmm.
Really now, it's confirmed. If I have a pair of boots from JackRose, I don't need anything else. And if I have two pairs, I'm fully content and my life feels complete. (I wonder what a third pair feels like heeehehehe)

The hearts aren't photoshopped, they're there for real. I promise!

Ah man, I'm so gonna be a regular customer.
Is it possible to be literally in love with a shop? Well that is what I am.
With a crush on the omfghothothot-dude who works there. The best part is that he's a shop staff and I'm a customer so he has to be super nice and friendly towards me HAHAAAA! Oh he can follow me around the shop ANY TIME

Yum yum yum oh JackRose, how I love you. I'll write you an ode one of these days.
Other things that made today awesome:
- At the Innocent World shop next to Laforet I got to talk some Japanese with the cute clerk. She complimented me for my blue eyes hihi.
- Stumbled across Miho Matsuda not very far from JackRose, man I love that brand. I bought a necklace with a key, man I love key necklaces.
- I had a great teacher with tons of humor today, makes me wanna go back to school noooow.

See ya!

5 件のコメント:

Maria Lirsjö さんのコメント...

Gud vad jag är avundsjuk på dig ska du veta! :D
Det är väl lätt att shoppa sig fattig i Tokyo kan jag tänka mig ^^

rusty さんのコメント...

Vad heter läraren?

Rose さんのコメント...

omg... loooove the shoes : O ! förutom alla awesome kläder måste det väl ändå lite svårt att INTE köpa ngt pga av alla hawta shop staff...^^ veeery sneaky. Blir så pepp på att åka till Japan när jag läser din blogg : D

Rebecca さんのコメント...

Hihi, var inne på Jack Rose för att leta grejer åt Hyo (både i Harajuku och den i Men's Shibuya 109), gud vad shop staffen ska flörta med en då! XP Men de vill väl bara att man ska köpa :P
Men de har sjukt snygga grejer, speciellt skorna. De du köpte vad sjukt HETA! *___*
Usch, vad du får mig att saknar Japan T_T

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Maria: No kidding, det är så jag måste anstränga mig att inte spendera allt på en gång XD

Rusty: Arisu Hihara... hon är bäst! hihi

Rose: Haha of course, dom har ju sina knep ;D Fast jag kan ju inte säga att jag klagar haha

Rebecca: Såklart, men jag gillar den uppskattning man får som totalt saknas i Sverige... Det märks att dom verkligen GILLAR mina pengar haha!
Förstår att du saknar det; I luv it here *A*