ISI Language School

Here's a late birthday present to mah sistah!

Humdidum, the time is maybe 12:15 and I start to make my way to school. Here's right outside my house. It's very peaceful although the main street is so close.

Ah, at Shin-Okubo already! Yea, I'm still too shy to take sneakypictures on the trains because I can't turn off the camera sounds on my keitai so the sneakypictures aren't sneaky.

Right outside Shin-Okubo station!

My classroom, 602! Yep, it's on the 6th floor.

I have four lessons á 50 min every day with a 10 min break in between.
Today we started with kanji. We will learn 6 kanji a day, have a small kanji-test every day and a big kanji-test once a week. Uh oh, seems like vacation is over and I have to start studying....!! But I'm happy, because now we're starting to learn things I didn't already knew from before haha.

We have different sensei's every day but friday is the best since we have my favorite sensei, Hihara! She's so fun to have, has a lot of humor and makes jokes aaaall the time, and is also very good at teaching. When the friday's has come to an end, I always feel like I've learned something.
And today, one in my class left, he only studied here for a month.
(Wait, have I been here a month already?? Insane!)
In my class, there are:
Three billion Chinese
One billion Korean
Five Swedish (including me)
Two Taiwanese
Two French
One American
And one from Nepal.
I don't feel any strong bonds to my class, but it's ok since I have buddies in 603.
Hmhmhm, is there anything more I can write about my school... Up until now it kinda hasn't been feeling like I've been going to school at all, but yea, now it's starting for real! My spirits are high who!
See ya~

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Aviva さんのコメント...

hur lyckades du komma dit? eller asså, jag vill åxo lära mig japanska och bo i japan när jag bli lite äldre. Va kul att du kan göra det iallafall haha ^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Det är en språkskola, så det är bara att ansöka och betala så kommer man in. www.spin.se

kanella さんのコメント...

This is awesome, your school sounds fun :) I'd love to do something similar myself :D
I'll be reading your blog to see how you are! And interesting stuff from Japan! Love all your posts so far, sorry I haven't commented before.

This is angelkath from deviantart btw ;)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

kanella: oh hai, cool that you found your way here! ^^ and thanks!