Mmm leather jacket.

Wow it's awesome and so easy to make a Cool in it! That + JackRose boots + JackRose sunglasses = me taking over the world.
But as I suspected it's still a bit too hot to wear it.... It's a shame since I wanna wear it every minute of the day hihi.

I don't write much about school, now do I?
It's because it's not very exciting. We've just begun to learn something I didn't know from before. And today we had a big test on everything we've done up until now... I felt really good about it but I can't be really sure.

Well I don't write much about school since it's after school the action is!
Today was a short trip to Shinjuku and all the Visual kei CD shops that I so totally can ruin myself in. I was gonna get a ticket for And's oneman but they didn't have it so we went on to Shibuya, where we suddenly ran into Takehiro, the singer from a band that Martin fancy! We stayed and talked to him and it was all pretty funny and just a little bit awkward haha! So when we didn't have more things to say, we went on to Zeal link where they had a fat bunch of And tickets! Signed, for some cool reason.

Oooooh I'm so looking forward to this now!!
Martin also made me buy an old CD from Takehiro's old band バギーボギー(well I didn't really resist) and on our way back he was still in the same place, handing out napkins as a part time job haha. So, I asked for his autograph which seemed to make him really happy!

Tokyo is where it happens.
And well, then we went in to 109-2. Because how can you NOT go in there for just a little bit when you're nearby? (Also since they have JackRose hehe) Mmmm I love being in there yumyumyum, men's fashion is so totally my style haha!
At GladNews I saw this amazing blazer and fell in love with it, started to check it out more thorough and of course a shop staff (do even need to mention it was a super HOT shop staff?) immediatly comes up and says I can try it on. So I did, and knew I had to get it!

Isn't it beauuuutiful!
Also, from the inside fitting room I heard him talking to Martin calling me cute. ("Kawaii neee!")
CUTE! ...ME? ........CUTE?!
Wow, I believe it's the very first time that has ever happened and I kinda feel flattered hahaha!☆
See yayayayayayyayayay

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but you ARE cute! <3