Keitai denwa yay!

Finally finally finally!
A cell phone!! ♥

I went to Softbank in Harajuku first where they speak English really good, and they told me I need to have the goddamn alien registration card. No alien card = no keitai.

So I went to Softbank in Shibuya, and poof, I had a phone in my hand!

Now, bath in its glory.

The staff didn't speak English, but it all went well with my basic Japanese and they being used to foreigners. It was so easy I couldn't believe it! Softbank in Shibuya is the place to go. The only problem occured when he realized I was underage, although it was resolved quickly with a signature from my 20-year old friend Malin.

I got a pre-paid phone, so it's not really that awesome to be honest... No one in Japan use pre-paid so it's kinda rare. Actually they only have two models!
But still.
My Swedish cell phone seems like a bad joke compared to this.
(There's free TV!)

And then we went into Shibuya 109 where I got some deco.

I'm so proud I feel like dancing~!

Also, don't I have the coolest menu ever?


Also, in Japan, no one use SMS. It's all mail. Which is incredibly convenient. Why isn't the rest of the world doing that?

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Rebecca さんのコメント...

Snygg den blev! Tror det att det är exakt en sån Malin köpte, fast en vit då. Visste inte att den hade en sån meny! Coolt!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

rebecca: jag gjorde ett glädjeskutt när jag upptäckte det, den är ju bara för underbar!

ms. wellington さんのコメント...

agreed on mailen! hatar sms, man kan inte färga texten eller sätta in söta gubbar :(

btw :3 min mail e pinkcottoncandy at softbank ne jp ! maila mej omdu vill leka nån dag :33

Pepo さんのコメント...

Whooaa!! So Cool!!! i want that one T^T

Komai さんのコメント...

That sounds just like Mindless Self Indulgence.. :D