Mixed feelings after shopping

Shopping in Ueno today.
I got pants. Belt. Earrings. Eyeshadows. Nail polish.
For around 10'000yen. That's not too bad!

The nail polish is from Anna Sui in Maruione, the others from AbAb. I love the new items, it's such things I've been searching for in Sweden but never ever found anything alike! But the pants are a bit too tight. I noticed that when I came home again. But they are this kind of pants that are too gorgeous to turn back, so now I, uh, have to lose weight. Just a liiiitle! Ugh they'd do so well with my wardrobe and my style ugh. Daaaamn pants pants pants.

Also, I need to slow down on the shopping I think? Or start writing about something else than shopping. Oh but there's this amazing leather jacket from JackRose I want badly......

Okay, when I've moved to my apartment I can start writing about more interesting stuff like my washing mashine or the stray cats in the neighbourhood!

See ya~

PS Damn gaming machine, I was SO CLOSE daamn, I hate you, die!!
/inner frustrations

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Rose さんのコメント...

Hej, skulle vara så intressant att höra lite saker om typ det Japanska samhället ngn gång : P typ skilland mellan sverige och japan...stuff om du har ide stopp XD . har velat åka dit ett ag men är lite nervös ibland på hur bra jag egentligen skulle trivas där :S

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Rose: Sure thing, jag hade tänkt skriva om sånt också! Just nu är jag bara lite stressad över allt möjligt så det är svårt att samla tankarna, men det kommer säkerligen längre fram XD

Rose さんのコメント...

Yeeey : ) ))!