Omg... shoes...?

Many guys, with all kinds of styles, all around this town....
They look at my shoes, then they look at me, then at the shoes again... and then they look all confused.

Kinda like this: "???????"

Ever since I entered this country.
What, have they never seen a girl in men's fashion before?!
Have they never seen a foreign girl in men's fashion before..??
Come on now, it can't be that weird.

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zoo-bie さんのコメント...

well, they're just stunned by your immense awesumness.

Rebecca さんのコメント...

Zoo-bie: WORD! *_____*

Lisa さんのコメント...

Alltså.. är inte det där såna skor som yankis och coola cowboys har typ? Det kombinerat med hela gaijin-girl-grejen kanske lämnar dem "???"... Eller så tycker de att du är snygg :D

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Lisa: Nejdå, såna här skor har alla hippa killar i Japan :) (verkligen alla)