I just remembered I have a webcam, so here's a shitty picture of me after the 2nd day in Tokyo! See how the fkn humidity is killing my hair!

The school test was alright; first was an interview and then a writing test. The interview kinda went like this (but in Japanese):
Interviewer: So what do you like about Japan?
Me: Hm, music... and fashion...
I: Have you studied Japanese before?
M: Nope.
I: But you understand what I'm saying?
M: Yep!
I: ??!!?

After some more talk it was decided to put me in the beginners class anyway, so my lessons are in the afternoon, 4 hours a day. I'm very eager to start, I want to lean more!! It's always so wonderful to be able to talk to people!

Also, I LOVE the 100yen-shops!
Everything costs 105yen (5yen is taxes) which is 8kr, and you can buy ANYTHING. I just can't believe it's so cheap... It's so... unreal....!! A paradise for students! 105yen is also what I've spent on my lunch today; super delicious kake-udon (noodles)!
It's so easy to love this city haha♥

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Natta さんのコメント...

WAA! Sounds like fun!

Haha, you sure surprised the interviewer there XD!

Wow, that is indeed a paradise for students XD!
Ah, noodles 8D<3