Sweet home Shin-Nakano

I'm all set!
In my apartment in Shin-Nakano!
6 min from Shinjuku, and maybe 20 min to my school!
Which is pretty nice compared to the 1+ hour when I lived in Matsudo.

And my apaato?

It's the perfect size for me! Although the bathroom is slightly claustrophobic and its floor is kinda sticky, I'm more than happy! Yay!

I've made some annoying calls to the electricity, gas and water companies, the gas man was here and fixed it all, I have internet although I don't think it's the internet I'm supposed to have.

Oh and you can see the Shinjuku skyscrapes from my apartment.

Mmm yes.

Now I just have a million stuff to blog about.
No sleep tonight??

See ya!

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匿名 さんのコメント...

I'm curious, how did you find your apartments in Matsudo and in Shin-Okubo? Did school help you or did you find yourself? Thanks!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

I don't live in Shin-Okubo, I live in Shin-Nakano! ;)

I first stayed at a guest house in Matsudo, that my school arranged.
I found my apartment in Shin-Nakano on my own. (Google is your friend haha)