They're so soft and squishy

I got daifuku from daiei today, chocolate and strawberry. I never grow tired of daifuku; it's really delicious and amazingly fun to poke!

Went to the city hall today as well and registrated for the alien registration card. I'll get it in THREE WEEKS ugh. That's a long time. Maybe I should just buy a camera.

In other news, it's still raining. I'm seriously considering to go to some hairdresser and fix curly hair. I mean... the rain and humidity makes it wavy anyway, and I feel ready to just give up. I succumb to the weather!

See ya!

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Ingrid さんのコメント...

Jag röstar helt klart för lockar. Absolut. Så jävla gulligt! <3__<3

Törnen さんのコメント...

Förlåt, men första jag tänkte på.... BOOOOBS XD

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Ingrid: jag har bestämt mig; lockar it will be. jag kommer bli så in fashion!

törnen: don't worry, jag med XD jordgubbsboobs haha

Ingrid さんのコメント...

Mmhmmm, jag ser fram emot alla de miljontals bilder du kommer att posta på ditt nya fabulösa hår, eller hur? B)