Tight mini pants

I had no idea what it was, but some kind of festival thingy went on here in Matsudo today. It was really small, not like the huuuge one last Sunday on the major street, no, this was very small but still as interesting! I love the Japanese traditional costumes, music and dancing.♥ Just felt a little dumb for not having a clue what was going on, while the rest of Matsudo's population acted like this was something that happens every Sunday.

Now, if I would've been in Sweden now, I'd probably spent the entire day in front of the computer doing nothing. Taking a walk outside would've felt like a joke.
But here, it's so different! If I just sit in the park next to daiei for a while, or taking a stroll around the neighbourhood or the center of Matsudo, or pop into a local bookstore, or waste some 100yen-coins in the game center, or just buy dinner damnit, I feel like this day has been a success! Just walking 50 m to Mini-stop and buy a bar of chocolate feels inspiring!
Even though I haven't been to Tokyo today, even though I've just been in Matsudo, even though I've practically done nothing, this day hasn't been a waste. Just... wow.

Tomorrow is a holiday, and the plans are: Akihabara.

See ya!

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Rebecca さんのコメント...

Jag förstår precis vad du menar! Allt i Japan känns spännande och kul! Finns så himla mycket kul man kan göra!
Usch vad jag saknar Japan ... T_T
Håller redan på att försöka spara till nästa resa igen. Jag tror inte jag kommer klara av nästa sommar om inte jag får åka dit igen :P

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Rebecca: Det är sant, och det är galet att det är så annorlunda!
Hoppas du kan komma hit nästa sommar, få får vi definitivt ses! :D