To heaven and back in Shinjuku

Getting a perm might just be the best thing I could've done to my hair.
If not, at least it's so easy to see to, haha.

Sunday was shopping (again?!) in Shinjuku!
We were a bunch of people but split up, me and Martin went to the Visual CD-shops; Jishuban, Like an Edison, Pure Sound, Closet Child...

Here, have some sneaky pictures.

If JackRose is my true love, then this is heaven. I went to heaven. YES. Oh my my my. öakjdsfghölkdj I can't believe this.
This sure is heaven (HEAVEN!!) for every fan of Visual kei and J-rock! There's so much! Stuff! Gah! There was so much rare stuff, merchandise, CDs, DVDs, you name it. In Pure Sound, they had MUCC's Antique, 1st press!! Can you believe that?! I really need to convince myself not to spend 20'000yen on a mini album.

As for me, I got some CDs; Fukurou with Plastic Tree, libido with boogieman, and Blackout with And.

Oh, And is having an instore event in November!
I'm so going.

In closet child, there was millions of Malice Mizer goods of all kinds, for real cheap! The LP was 380yen. (Can you believe that??)

Wow, I'm so gonna ruin myself in these shops.
RIP, wallet.

We met up with the others again and headed to Maruione, where UnsraW just happened to have an instore event! So yea, I got to see them as well, haha.

I needed new pants, and so I got myself a pair from Sixh.
They are beyond awesome.
It's just a tad bit annoying that they doesn't match with anything in my closet haha. Well. I love Sixh. and has always wanted to get something. ♥

Also, huge bag is made of huge.

Oh wow, Shinjuku is dangerous.
Danger danger.
Dangerous for my wallet but....
heavenly for my heart and soul! ☆

See ya!

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