Today's Tokyo happenings

There's so many things happening, I can't believe it..... today, saturday, felt like five days because I've done so many things! It feels like I've been in Tokyo for four weeks instead of four days! And there is so many things I still want to do badly but just haven't got time to; I haven't even been in Shinjuku, Shibuya or Harajuku yet. But I have a year left I should relax...?

Here's todays happenings:

- I got a suica card for the metro. And for the record, travelling the metro is fkn expensive.

- Me and Josephine went out to meet some people from our schools, we went to the big Sensoji temple in Asakusa (aka Asakusa Kannon Temple). It was huge and impressive but under construction. Of course I got a fortune, and it seems everything will work out amazingly well and I'll have big luck in everything I do! I'm in high spirits now.

- After the temple we went to some shopping centres in Ueno. I'm in love with AbAb, everything's so gorgeous and CHEAP, I want to buy everything! I restrained myself from buying anything, not even an earring, or I would end up going home with thousand items. I feel so inspired!! As picture proof today I have a flyer we got from the LIZ LISA-staff.

- We split up, me and Josephine went to Ikebukuro to get me an adapter since the one I brought with me didn't work with the computer for some reason. In Ikebukuro were millions of funky people. My eyes are tired from funkyness.

- And lastly, heading back home to Matsudo. There's some festival going on here so the main street was blocked and filled with people wearing traditional costumes, dancing and singing. I loved to watch!

And now... I'm a bit tired. Didn't get to sleep much last night, probably due to a nap I took after I came home from the City Hall. Naps = death.
Oh wow there's so much happenings all the time and-- no wait I already said that. Okay, then that's it for this entry.

Good night from Tokyo☆
See ya!

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