Tokyo shopping, the best in the world

View of Takeshita street from the station exit!
The sun is setting at about 16:00 here, and by 18:00 it's already pitch black. Well, not pitch black because of all the lights n stuff but you get my point.

So today we went to Harajuku again after school.
My mission was to get a top that'd do well with my new pants from Sixh.! And where's the best place to go? Why, Gadget Grow of course!
Wow, their shop makes me so happy!
It's right in front of the stairs on B1F in Laforet, so when you go down one floor it's the first thing you'll see. The clothes are hanging in outfits also, so everything's already in awesome coordinates. Although it also can be a bother when the piece you just fell in love with just happened to be three pieces and the price is three times as much...
So anyway. I checked out some cardigans and, as always, this (handsome) shop staff comes up to me and tells me it's ok to try it on. Ok already, I know that by now! Well, I tell him I want to try this cardigan I was looking at, and he helps me to put it on and explains how I could wear it and what not. I tell him I want to buy it, he says thank you a million times, carefully puts it in a bag like it's made of porcelain, follows me to the entrance, hands me the bag with a bow and another million thank you.

How's that for a service?? I love how all the staff treats you like a royal, no matter who you are. Mm, I can mention that I wore baggy jeans and a band t-shirt and probably didn't look like one who'll splash big amounts of cash. It's something I've never experienced in Sweden.

Here, have a picture of the cardigan.
Isn't it the most beautiful ever?
I dare say so, yes.
Gadget Grow is probably the ultimate brand. Also because the ultimate man (i.e. Ryuutarou of Plastic Tree) is their main model. And because everything about this brand is just plain awesome. If you're ever in Japan, go visit their store slkjgslhfasdflakhg!!

Oh, now I can hear my neighbour doing the dishes.

See ya!

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Rebecca さんのコメント...

Jag älskar verkligen deras kläder! *___* Önskar Hyo ville bära deras kläder, men de är på tok för dyra för att han ens ska kunna/vilja köpa något av dem.
Usch, vad sjukt snygg din nya tröja är!<33
Jag tycker att de brukar ha så snygga kängor också. Så snyggt med nedstoppade lite större byxor i halvt knutna kängor!<3 *dreggel*

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

rebecca: Mm de är lite för dyra för min smak, därför beställde jag aldrig deras kläder när jag var i sverige. men nu när jag är här kan jag inte låta bli!! (fast jag lägger inte 7000yen på en scarf, no way)
och mmmm det är ju lugnt nåt av det snyggaste som finns<3