V-rock festival: Sunday

Day 2 of V-rock festival!
This time I didn't get lost at Tokyo station!
On the Saturday there weren't that much cool people around to be honest, but on the Sunday there was such an immense amount of cool everywhere you looked! Because of The GazettE? ...probably.
So! The first act was Kagrra, but I chose to go to the V stage instead to get a good view, since I'll see Kagrra, again in two weeks already. While I was waiting, Loveless (Nana Kitade x TAIZO) did their performance on the S stage. It was not good. If you've ever considered seeing Nana Kitade live, don't; it will be a total waste of time and money and that's all I've got to say about that.
After they (finally) finished, the band I was waiting for appeared on the V stage; -OZ-! There weren't that much people watching first but they managed to draw a lot more after a few songs. And I just have to say, they sure is one of the most handsome bands on the festival. Also, I'm quite impressed by Natsukis voice and growling (and captivated by his cute smile hihi) and I sure want to see them again!

I quickly moved myself closer to the S stage to watch And! They're one of the bands I really really looked forward to see live, and was it awesome or what! The energy was amazing and the audience were also crazy energetic, headbanging their wits off, especially on Sobut everyone went craaaazy! And all the members were so much cooler than I ever could imagined. They played almost only my favorite songs too!
I quickly got back to the V stage just in time where exist†trace appeared after a few minutes. Coolest chicks in Makuhari Messe, no arguments there. Their live was pretty awesome, but I'm not impressed by her voice, she always stopped singing on some parts to avoid the higher notes. Yea, they were great but I've seen better.
Then I ran to the L stage where I watched the last songs of Matenrou Opera. There were so many people watching them!! But well, I didn't get to see much but from what I did see, I think they did a great live!
After they finished I made my way to the very front of the stage beside (R stage) where Merry soon appeared. Gara came in wearing a school uniform and a bunny mask covering his head, standing on a school bench. So what did I think? Well I have only one thing to say and that is
That was probably the best live I have ever seen in my entire life.
No, really!
I'm not even that big of a fan, but I was completely and utterly overwhelmed! It was so violently good!! I don't know how I should express this, but, it sorta didn't feel like it was a stage act, it felt like... this is How It Is. Yes! This is IT! Oh god it was the best.
After they finished I made my way back to the S stage where Duel Jewel went on stage. They were pretty good but their music is kinda random and I was still in a daze after Merry's live so I don't really remember much of their show.
I stayed and watched the Underneath, they were reeeeaaaally good, although I've read and heard so much about them I've never actually listened to them, but maybe I should just do that now!

Right after that on the V stage was DaizyStripper, they did some dorky intro playing "We will rock you" but exchanged the words to "V Rock Fes" which was a bit silly but kinda funny.
I didn't stay long because it was time for the photo session with exist†trace! I was the second in line so I went in pretty fast. First, they put me in a sofa by myself to take an individual picture, and I do think I managed to make a Cool because he took a lot of shots, both full body and close ups! Then, they showed me to another sofa where the band was sitting and all my Cool ran of somewhere, overshadowed by the super big amount of Cool from the members. I think I managed to look like a complete dork, haha! But they were all super nice and friendly, and when we were finished they all made super Happy Faces and suddenly became crazy cute. (Why is it so adorable when cool people make a Happy!)
ut I really have no idea how the hell I should buy the pictures so I'm a bit worried ugh.
I moved back to the smallest stage where [_Vani;lla] just finished, I only got to see a half song which was a bit sad since I wanted to see their whole show.
So I got myself a good spot in front of the S stage to see lynch.! And it was AWESOME! Listening to their CDs is nothing compared to their live, NOTHING! (You hear me? NOTHING!!) I think they just leveled up from being a Great Band I Like to One Of My Absolute Favorites. Oh yes wow it was amazing, I'm so happy I'll see them again in another two weeks~!

I went back to the R and L stages (all this walking back and forth, huge event hall is huge) where Ayabie did the last of their live. Well, I'm not a fan and I wasn't impressed either.
Soon after, Vidoll entered the L stage. Again with the crazily huge amount of people!! Well they sure weren't a hit, although I did in fact watch the whole show.
But yea, I only stayed the whole time because I was waiting for LM.C. Their music is too happy for my taste, but they did play some older songs that I really fancy! It was also nice to see Aiji (cuz of PIERROT, you know) but Maya's voice live didn't really get me going.

I hurried back to the V stage to see Screw, although their music is a bit too boring for my taste, haha! Personally I think they're kinda like The GazettE Junior. Their live wasn't very exciting either so now when I think about it afterwards I could've just as well stayed at LM.C.
A little while after Screw it was time for heidi. on the S stage! They played quite a lot before the curtain rised actually and made everyone go all "??" for a while, the only band that did that. I had high expectations, and I sure didn't get disappointed, they were super awesome live! Also, Houmatsu, Synchro, HELLO!, and Heaven were in the setlist which made it all even more awesome!

Then it was time for the fashion show again, it was exactly the same except that the guest models (members from bands) weren't participating so it was a little boring.
As soon as it was finished everyone pushed real hard and made me go all the way to the front, as it was time for Versailles. I have to say it was kinda boring, they mostly just stood there. Also, their music is not my thing, so I didn't really enjoyed it. Their support bassist was amazingly hot though (it was the same who played with Angelo) and he had the most gorgeous hair ever!

There weren't that much artist goods there so I didn't buy much, only three photosets and a t-shirt from D'espairsRay.

And then, well, it was only the final act left: The GazettE. They were the only band (at least that I saw) that got fireworks! Well so anyway. They were incredibly boring, I left after 30 minutes because I really wasn't amused. And also because I wanted to leave before the other five billion people would do the same thing.

Outside Makuhari Messe were all the small Visual kei bands standing again. I spotted Hiro from SINCREA and went up to him, he recognized me and said "Ah! Heeeeeey! :D" and I went all "Yaaay :D" and then he wanted to shake my hand again, haha! At the train station entrace were Danger☆Gang again, and this time I dared to ask Hiko if I could take a picture with her since I think she super cool. She was so happy and friendly (and cool) yeah!
Well mm, there were really a lot of band standing there, but the only ones I've knew about before was Danger☆Gang, SINCREA, Megaromania, ALiBi and PIECE. Oh well. Everyone was so fkn CUTE hihi!

And yah, that was the end of V-rock festival day 2!
This event was so amazing, I still can't believe I've already seen so many bands I love! Ah... I hope they make a V-rock festival 2010 before I leave the country.

See ya☆☆☆

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Anni さんのコメント...

Aaa, I wanna see Merry live too! And lynch. kicks some major ass. :D I've only seen them in events so I gotta get a ticket or two for their oneman tour. Argh, I'm so frustrated at having absolutely no money since I can't do or buy anything nice. :< *waits for Friday* I want to attend the 9goats oneman at Daikanyama Unit as well...
Haha, sorry for the spam.^^;

Mad tea party is so soon! It's already next week, right?

Hanna さんのコメント...

Hejsan!! Jag heter Hanna, går sista året på bild och form på Hbo, du har väl sett mig nån gång xP. Robin tipsa om din blogg och jag kan säga att jag är avis på dig! Jag upptäckte hur underbart Japan är för typ ett halv år sedan (jag upptäckte An cafe då). Jag känner dock inte till dom flesta av de band som du nämner, jag har ju inte varit med så länge, men jag tänker solklart uppdatera mig;) hehee.. men LM.C beundrar jag STORT! Glad musik gillar jag! x)
Iallafall, fin blogg. Jag tänker absolut följa den ^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Anni: you should try to see merry live!!!!! I promise you won't be disappointed!
ah yeah wow, time flies by so quickly! I'll see you then :D

Hanna: Nice att du gillar min smått töntiga blogg, och hälsa robin XD

匿名 さんのコメント...

I heard a few ppl say Nana Kitades new band was bad at v rock- what was the problem? Someone said recently she is doing a kind of SM or strip show during her lives which sound like it could be exciting. And some ppl said she is really great performer so I wuz surprised by your comment. On the other hand in USA she got some bad comments becos she was miming the guitar and just doing karaoke performance... Was it just not your fave style of music? or the skill of the band? or???

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Anonym: Yea she did a kind of strip/bondage show, but it just seemed so forced, like she didn't really believe in in herself but just tried to please the audience. Also, it was so obvious that her ego is so much bigger than her actual fame...
her band was pretty cool though.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Anonym: Yea she did a kind of strip/bondage show, but it just seemed so forced, like she didn't really believe in in herself but just tried to please the audience. Also, it was so obvious that her ego is so much bigger than her actual fame...
her band was pretty cool though.

匿名 さんのコメント...

I believe you; I'm friends with a model who worked with her once and she said "Nana thinks she's a star but nobody else does". Ow! That's harsh... :)