Yesterday's findings

The super awesome wallet from h.NAOTO in Laforet

A long sleeve v-neck t-shirt at SEX POT TOKYO
and a regular t-shirt at SEX POT ReVeNGe
(suck my dick hehehe)

AGENT FILE with And from Closet Child CD Shop

Yes, I'm comforting myself with these items now, I'm dead tired and a little nervous.

Dead tired after having walked around for ages and ages in Harajuku and Omotesandou trying to find the damn hair salon. Found it at last, phew, and the consultation took 5 minutes, then it was just to head back again. I NEVER WANNA WALK IN RAIN AGAIN. So anyway, next wednesday I'm getting a PERM. YES! HAH! Uwah what am I getting myself into......

I'm just a little bit nervous too since apparently there's a typhoon coming in... I've never experienced one before so I'm not really sure how to deal with it, haha.
See yaaaaaa

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rusty さんのコメント...

Nja, det är inget speciellt, egentligen. Det kommer ÖSA ner regn och blåsa en del, bara. Håll dig inne, ta på dig regnkläder eller bli dyngvåt och bada i regnet (jag gjorde den sistnämnda när jag råkade fastna i en senaste ggn).

Tokipon さんのコメント...

Men du har ju ingen snopp!

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

rusty: ja phew, jag oroade mig nog lite i onödan. fast jag går inte gärna ut i det här blåsvädret haha!

tokipon: fast vissa verkar tro det haha

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

if you had a dick, i would definitely suck it, anytime.

a perm?! O___________o ska bli spännande att se.