Yodobashi Kamera♥

Today was Akihabara, Electric City! There were electronic shops and girls in maid costumes everywhere. Didn't explore it very deeply though, we had mainly one objective: get a camera. I'd been in Yodobashi Kamera in Shinjuku before and spotted some great stuff, so we set our eyes to the one in Akihabara; Yodobashi Akiba.
It didn't take long to get one, but the staff seemed a little confused that we were so fast in deciding to get it. And you know what?
This camera. It's the shiet. No argument there.

On the way home we went into daiei (as always♥) to get some deco!

I honestly never thought I'd get stuck on this deco-thing but I LOVE IT and now I want to decorate everything I own. (I suspect my DS is a possible next target...) Oh man it's so much fun, I can't believe it, I can't believe it.

Although I didn't work out a plan for my camera deco and did freestyle, that's why it's not very good looking haha. Never mind. It was my first time.

So YES anyway, now I got a camera so look forward to some pictures from now on!!
....but wait until I get a cell phone for sneaky shop pictures and such. Hehe.

See yaaaa☆

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Maria ♥ さんのコメント...

Hot stuff! :D

Rose さんのコメント...

Det är så awesome hur enkelt man kan få tag på grejer i japan, de verkar ha typ ALLT! : D