Long time no draw

I can't draw Hizumi for shit but at least I have something to do when the insomnia kicks in.


As per request

I'm not a stupid fan with a soft air gun,
I am Eccentric Agent with an And-pistol!!!!!!1!11

And's instore event!

Today me and Martin went to And's instore event at Jishuban club in Shinjuku! It was aaaawwweeessoommmmeee. Although I didn't really get what they were talking about most of the time, hah. One thing I did get though is that Ken likes christmas, but he doesn't like christmas food so he always eat kake ramen instead. Mhm, they were talking a lot about food! The audience (can you say audience for an instore event?) sat on the floor and it was crowded (it's a small store) and uncomfy but it was over way too soon! I could sit there for ages watching and listening to their coolness.

But then it was over and thus time for signing session! It was awesome but AWKWARD hahaha! When signing my booklet we shaked hands and they seriously kept shaking forever, and I was shy and nervous so I couldn't come up with anything to say except "arigatou" leaving us with a somewhat uncomfortable silence, haha. This was my first instore event so I don't know, but is it always like this? Haha anyway it was hilarious. But Ken asked me if I had listened to their new album (uhm well guess three times...) and Peco asked me where I came from, and when replying he gave me the "WHOAAAAAH!!!!!"-reaction that I never get tired of, hehe!

Outside was the table for merchandise where I spended well invested money; cheki's, an And cheki album and THE AND PISTOL now isn't that the most awesome merch ever??

I also feel a serious addiction for cheki's going on here. (but at least I'm not addicted to drugs) I bought seven, and got one for free when buying the cheki album! The first round I got three of Suzune and two of Ken, thought what the hell, bought another and got Takuma, thought what the HELL, bought another and got Kiri yeeeeeeessssss!! Satisfied.

After all was said and done, we went to Like an Edison, Closet Child and Pure Sound (how can you NOT when you're in the area?) and I bought some D'espairsRay; BORN, Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana and BRILLIANT (300yen, sweet deal).

Aaahaha I really liked this day.
I approve of this day.☆
Did I mention And is pretty awesome?
See ya!☆

Entry 600!

Why yes, this blazer is my new favorite.
Now: to Shinjuku!


Only in Japan?

Yesterday at E-furo, after Közi's live, this girl accidently stepped a little bit on my foot while passing by. So she stops, putting a hand on my shoulder, and says to me with concern and worried eyes:
"Gomennasai!! Daijoubu desu ka??" (I'm so sorry!! Are you ok??)
Something I've never. Ever. Experienced in Sweden.


Közi live in concert!☆

Közi is one I've never ever thought I'd be able to see live, it has been kinda like an unreachable dream for so many years. BUT GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY OH YES THAT'S RIGHT

Me and Josephine attended E-furo, an event with Közi, rice and Dacco. It was held in Takadanobaba Club PHASE, the venue was perfect and I'm guessing it was about ~250 people in there. And again, thanks to Japanese girls being short I had a great view even though we stood in the back most of the time, haha.

Everyone expected Dacco to be the first act so I calmly stood in the back, when suddenly! Közi's intro started playing! The Közi-fans in the audience went "!!!!!!!!" and I quickly made my way to the front to get closer to the stage. (I succeeded well.)
And then. He. Entered. The stage.

And it was amazing.
Seeing Közi performing live was just as I imagined except that it was so much better. Happily he played songs from his whole discography, and I really have to say that Grottesca live is The Shiet! Babylo and Cruel Arcadia was amazing as well, and oh I made such a Happy when he performed Life Goes On ~with melancholy~!! Though I was hoping to hear Promenade but sadly it wasn't included. On the other hand, an upbeat electro-version of Honey Vanity; that was so cool!
Oh and also, after a short MC, they played Can't Take My Eyes Off You! Imagine that song, spiced up with Közi's special sound? It was epic. ☆

To put it frankly, I didn't see much of his support band because I really couldn't take my eyes off him (hahaaaaa!) but I did notice his awesome drummer who was completely crazy, and by crazy I mean crazeeeyyyy!! haha, he was great.
And then they left the stage and I felt like my life was complete. But oh wow really... yes, I can die satisfied. If not, at least I'll have extra sweet dreams tonight. He was so amazing on stage, it felt so Real! Közi is... Well, if I had to choose one person, or one man, or one anything; I'd choose Közi because I wouldn't need anything else. I want to marry his voice. (No, seriously. I would if I could.)

Okay, on with this entry before my inner fangirl gets too much space here.
I bought his live-DVD! I don't really think it's all that impressive (25 min of footage from gigs over a two year period, cut together) but I suddenly felt like giving all my money to him and the DVD is what I could afford with the cash in my wallet haha. And it's Közi so it's still epic. Yes.

The next act was Dacco! I was excited to see them because when I was younger I seriously had the biggest crush ever on Yura-sama.
Their thing is happy music with elaborate para para. (In other words, kinda the very opposite to Közi.) And when I think back, I think I hade a huge smile on my face the whole time they were on stage; they were AWESOME! And sooo silly haha! And Yura-sama is like a dream, oh, his smile still sends me to heaven.
He and Lida had three dancers and wow I was so amused I can't believe it. They had many long MC's full of funniness and oh, after each song Yura-sama finished it with a "....hai!".
Oh wow Dacco, haha.♥

And so lastly, time for rice; the main act!
I don't know really what to write since I'm not a fan, they're great but it's not my cup of tea. Yuki is awesome though, always making a kitty-face and saying stupid things (really stupid things haha)! But I enjoyed their show! And Hello, their latest singel, is so much better live, that much I can tell you! ...and their bassist was adorable.

After they finished, there was a special special surprise for Hiro, since it apparently was his birthday! Happy Birthday started to play, Hiro went "W-w-what's going on?", Yura-sama came on stage with a cake, followed by everyone else! The audience sang for him, he blew the candles on the cake and held a little thank you-speech, everyone on stage made a Happy, and so, all the bands thanked and bowed to the audience and with that, the event was finito.
And wow, I never thought I'd see Közi and Yura-sama holding hands, I'll never EVER forget that image hahaha!

Aaahhh.... oh yes, I just saw Közi live. I kinda can't really believe it, but this:

...is the feeling.

Seee yaaaaaa☆☆☆

It made me make a Happy


Visual kei + Monster kei

Today I went to an event from Heretic sound music in Meguro with Martin! Well, my main reason for going was that it was a free live, but, I have now found a new band that I really like! There were five bands playing, and also Yukika as a bonus which was super awesome.
It was a smaaaaall place, the bands were great live; some of them I liked and some of them I didn't like quite as much. And I'm hereby a new fan of Navir and Ha;qch.! Especially Navir. (OH AND YUKIKA omg) I bought some cheki's and just happened to get the most awesome ever on the exact members I wanted to get! Woho!

Aaaaaand that's it for a live report. I'm too tired, after several cursed nights of insomnia.... Tonight, I just want to SLEEP!

See ya☆


Till och med skräppåsarna är roligare här!


The memories

I think back of when I met Ibi and it feels like a... dream! Did that really happen?? Then I feel really silly for thinking that way, I never thought I'd react the way I did since I'm not that much of a fan.
And then I wonder why I seem to be the only one fangirling them?!

PS. The photo is not edited.

Banana on a stick

Walked to Shinjuku from my school (took ~10 min), went to Maruione and bought a present for my aunt in a kimono shop. The food festival is still going strong! Ate banana on a stick. Strawberry for Josephine and chocolate for me.
Mmmmm banana! (On a stick!)

See ya


Holiday monday, Shinjuku

A long and lazy morning, a fruitless effort in trying to find Book Off, stumbling across And in Maruione, a food festival, a huge meal at Mos burger, and the latest episode of Tokyo DOGS.

See ya!


Future plans?

When I just lie here in my bed a lazy evening after a lazy Saturday that I've spent trying not to get that cold, I contemplate about what jobs I might consider having in the future. And I start to think hmm, maybe a language teacher wouldn't be so bad! Maybe... an English teacher! Possibly, an English teacher... at a high school! Or, a junior high school!! Ahaa hmm!!!
And I so do not have any ulterior motives with that.

Anli Pollicino 1st oneman!

On friday night we attended Anli Pollicino's first oneman in Ikebukuro CYBER! It was a really small place, with space for maybe 50~ people in the audience.

They were great but not amazing, the main reason I went was because my friends kinda talked me into it, haha! But I'm glad I did because I wasn't disappointed! There was a lot of energy and there's nothing wrong with their performance! Some of their songs is really good so they sure got me in high spirits. And did I mention that all the members are awesome? I... fell in love with Masatoshi (bass).

Afterwards, the members went out and socialized with the audience. Oh god I so wanted to jump talk to Masatoshi but man, he was so full of Awesome so I didn't dare! And then he already left! Ah the regrets.... Well. At least the drummer (who was standing in the bar pouring drinks) talked to me and insisted on shaking hands.

Yes. And Shindy (vocals) stood at the exit shaking hands with everyone and thanked them for coming. Small VK bands are the cutest ♥

See ya!


Here's a ridiculous pose for a ridiculously good mood!
Although I feel I'm about to catch a cold... I guess sleeping with pyjamas + parka + socks + muffler and two quilts still isn't enough.

T-shirt: SEX POT ReVeNGe
Jacket, sunglasses, chain, boots: JackRose
Pants: Luv Maison
Belt: Hucom
Necklace: Algonquins
Scarf: H&M

Bag: Diavlo

Can someone please remove these cutleries from my knees

Or, maybe I have too much free time before going to school.


I'll just get my earphones

I can't seem to concentrate on my studies over here because.... wow, my neighbour sure is putting the heart in her singing.

Reunited with my love

Waking up because you're in the middle of freezing to death is NOT a pleasant feeling.

Today after school I made my way to Harajuku since I needed new pants. I had actually already kinda decided on a pair from Buffalo Bobs, so I went there first BUT one of the staffs gave me that weird "???"-treatment (can you believe he didn't even say irasshaimase??!! (though he did thank me when I left)) so I though to hell with this!!! and went to JackRose instead.

Kudou wasn't around so I went straight upstairs to Luv Maison, where the dude recognized me and asked if I still liked the scarf I bought the last time haha. I really like this dude because he's always socializing so much and he can't speak one bit of English so I get to practice my Japanese hihi! He helped me out to find a pair of pants to my liking (uh but I wanted them all), and to my surprise, I didn't need the biggest size!
Yes I was surprised, with all my junk in the trunk and men's pants having no space for hips and such, y'know. I said "I'm biiig so I need biiiig pants" and he went "noooooo you're not, try theeeese!" and it turned out he was right! Can you imagine!
So these are the pants I walked home with:

Though it's a bad pic and they look kinda boring, they're actually all shiny yay! I really didn't intended to get another jeans-y pair of pants but I couldn't resist teh shinyness.
Also, it's raining today and so he put plastic over the shopping bag. WHY ISN'T THE REST OF THE WORLD DOING THAT HUH?
Ah! Because the pants were a little bit too long they offered to cut them off a bit (woho yay!) and while waiting he asked me what other brands I liked and what brands I was wearing and when I told him my jacket was JackRose, woooow, now that was a deep bow I recieved! Maybe I should've counted the number of times he bowed to me haha.
And then! I got a point card yay! (Finally?!)
I love how it's a Special customer's card haha.

Well then!
See yaaaaa


I will never ever ever never ever never ever understand people who doesn't like tempura!
Here at a Korean place in Shin-Okubo.

One touch turn up the wich.


I waaaaaaaaaaant

these shoes.
Preferably NOW.
Please stop me from going to Shibuya tomorrow...


I want

- long straight hair with bangs
- a ticket for Merry's oneman in december
- to buy everything in stock from Gadget Grow and Luv Maison
- my apartment to stop pretending it's an icecube

The halfnaked girl

The pachinko hall across the street from my school has got a new decoration; a three stores high, blonde, half naked, hysterical manga girl. Staring at us during the breaks.
I'm sorry but... I don't approve.

Oh but!
You know... when you just woke up and you have a day off and it's cold and raining outside but your bed is so warm and comfy and you know you can stay in it forever and just huddle up and becomes a big warm bed bug; you know that feeling? That's how I've come to feel about Tokyo now! I love it~♥

See ya!
(...though it took me 1,5 hour to get out of bed today because it really is that cold and rainy outside today, but I didn't have a day off. Uuuh. (I sudddenly feel blessed for being in the afternoon class.))


I got an electicity bill today!
Maybe someone at the electricity company is reading my blog.


I wasn't made to study

Pwaaah things are starting to get difficult in school now.... I get so pissed off at those damn particles, urghl it's like they WANT it to be all messed up and confusing...
Today after school I just ate at Hanamaru in Shinjuku and then went straight home to study. I got nervous when today's teacher reminded us that if you get less than 60% on the achievement tests and the kanji tests (that we have everyday) you gotta start all over from square one and can't level up to the next class after new years. I got 93/100 on last week's big test so I might not be in immediate danger, but I feel like I don't know shiet so I'm still nervoussss.
Study study study study gah!

In other news, here's a very useful note Martin drew for our German friend Sabrina. Very useful Swedish sentences! Keep them in mind and you'll have no problem getting by in Sweden!

See yaaaaaa

PS Yesterday at Shinjuku station I saw someone who looked exactly like Tatsurou (MUCC) when he had short hair with bangs and red colored at the neck. It was... amazing!!

PPS I want Mos burger.


I'm supposed to get them right? So why have I only recieved one so far from the water company, three days after I moved in?? Uh... how does it work in this country....

PS. I think I'm about to fall in love over here.

...haha this post is so unrelated to anything.


Kabuki-chou, Shinjuku

...is where I went today and had too much fun to remember to take pictures, which I had in mind. I sang karaoke with my date at a place that had a thousand songs with MUCC but only one with D'espairsRay! (What!!) We had takoyaki and it was SO TASTY mmmmm octopus.♥
On another note, wow I really can't stop watching videos of cats on youtube.
See ya!



Just below my balcony.... Aah I wanna adopt one of them!!

Tokyo - what I do and how I got here

I recieved a lot of questions from one of you dear readers, and so I thought "Hm, maybe someone else is wondering the same thing; let's make an entry of it!" So, here's some info on my Tokyo life!

For many many years I've had this dream about being in Tokyo, not just as a tourist for a few weeks, but to actually live here for a longer time. Which is why I, as soon as I graduated high school, made it happen and moved here! I hadn't been to Japan before, but I've traveled a lot in my life so I didn't feel scared about it.

I'm studying Japanese at ISI Language School in Shin-Okubo, and I applied for it at SI-språkresor, a Swedish agency for language studies. Find all info on their website. To be honest, I have no idea how I decided to choose that school, I don't remember since it was such a long time ago..! But it's a great school and I recommend it! The teachers are Japanese and the lessons are only held in Japanese, so you learn very quickly. It might be good if you've studied the language somewhat before since the tempo is very high, but if you put your heart into your studies, there won't be a problem. Also, it's approved by CSN so money is no problem either.
And yes, there's a lot of paperworks when applying for the student visa, but that's understandable, right?

I'm going to study here for a year. After that, I have no idea what I'll do. I might go home, I might try to find a way to stay here. The future will tell, yes.

When I first got here, I lived in a Guest House that my school arranged for me. And now, as you know, I have my own apartment. Of course there's both pros and cons about it, but for me there was no questions about getting an apartment! I have my own bathroom, so I don't have to share toilet with 100+ other people (and some of them apparently didn't like the idea of flushing). I have my own kitchen, so I don't have to walk three stairs down to eat something, I have a balcony with my own washing machine, I have my own TV... yes, I have a place of my own! While living at the guest house I kinda felt like I was just here on vacation, with an apartment my Tokyo life feels more real.
But, the rent is higher of course, although not that much, and I really don't mind paying that small extra amount for this. But it's really up yo what you prefer; if you're very sociable and wants to hang around people all the time, a guest house might be a good idea.
And it's easy to get friends here, so that's nothing to worry about.

It's also easy to get around the town, there are trains and subways everywhere. Get a metro-card and you can go anywhere! Tokyo is very convenient. But keep in min that this is the biggest city in the world (!) so depending on where you're going, it takes time.

And lastly, Tokyo is awesome, but it's NOT heaven on earth. There are problems and difficulties here too. Keep that in mind and you'll have the time of your life!

Well! I hope I managed to answer most of it.
Feel free to ask me any questioins at any time!
See ya☆

Gas stove

Why is it so fun?
Fire power!!

And yes, this is as far as my cooking in Tokyo goes.

Quakey wakey

I just experienced my first earthquake!
Well, there's been one before but I was on the trains and didn't notice anything. But now, last night, I was awake in my bed and suddenly it started shaking. Then the whole house started shaking! Shake shake shake! Kinda like the house was standing on a huge washing machine, y'know? That was the feeling.

...at least I think it was an earthquake, otherwhise I dunno what it was. Maybe I'll go check if my neighbour underneath is a giant washing machine.

Awesome = my everyday life.

Yes, I felt it now when I walked home in the rain, passing by millions of monorail cats in my neighbourhood; this is my life now.
The OMG I'M IN TOKYO WTF NO WAAAAI-feeling has disappeared. Now this truly has become my everyday life! I go to school and study kanji, I hang around Shinjuku/Harajuku/Shibuya, I go to gigs, I ride the packed metro trains, I see Cool People all the time and gets inspiration for everything every minute of the day.
My life in Sweden feels like a... joke?

Kaiten sushi

Kaiten sushi seems to be something incredibly exotic for westerners. It's a sushi bar where small plates with sushi pass by on a line, and you take the ones you fancy. When finished, the staff counts the number of plates you've eaten and that's what you pay for.
Did I mention the plates go round and round?
Today, me and Malin went to eat it in Shinjuku. And it was awesome! Sushi is yummy, but it's expensive here so it was the first time I've got it in Tokyo. But! Kaiten sushi is another story; there are different prices on different plates so you can get by pretty cheap. I paid 700yen for six plates, i.e. 12 bites, which is enough to make me satisfied; and that is CHEAP.
And the plates pass by you all the time in a cozy manner.
(Did I mention they go round and round all the time?)
Hihi. I wanted to make a movie, but I didn't dare. Took a picture instead.
So anyway, if you want cheap sushi - go eat kaiten sushi!

Now I've just arrived home after some partay at a friends apartment (yes, partay in a friends apartment! Poor neighbours...) I caught the last train home though, since I'm gonna go karaoke tomorrow and I want to be somewhat fresh.

See yaaaaaa


This is Tokyo


Today my school had a field trip to Ueno for Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science! Apart from a Traditional Craft Arts exhibition in Nishi-Nippori some month ago, it's the first time I went to a museum in Tokyo. And wow did I enjoy myself! I love museums!☆ Everyone went home as soon as possible, but me and Alex stayed for many more hours, looking into every corner of the museum!

And what I loved the most: the dinosaurs!! My inner child danced of happiness. And they had several species of my all time favorite dinosaur; Triceratops!

Dinosaurs instead of studies? Awesome day!!☆



Soooo I got And's first album today!
The limited edition with a DVD with the PV for CODE[B] !
And with it I got a bonus DVD with the making of CODE[B] !
And a bonus comment DVD!
And a photo set with five cards!
And a ticket for their instore event the 28th!!

A good deal is a good deal.☆


Mine drug

In Shinjuku.


After having dinner at Hanamaru and thereby know a new location for my favorite place, I feel that a missing piece in my Tokyo life has come back again. Today, I went there again but when I remembered that I wanted to take a picture of my dinner I had already finished it, but, I took a picture of it anyway.
Oh Hanamaru, I just can't live without you.


Wish me luck today hoho

A new day with new happenings.
Here I come!



Yesterday my body had its saying and so I slept until 14:00! I've only done that max 3 times in my whole life, so I got the hint and took a day off from Tokyo, staying home relaxing and doing nothing more exciting than cleaning my toilet. It's ok, right? You gotta take a break now and then, right?

Tomorrow I'm gonna go karaoke and eat at Hanamaru, I can't believe it's been, what, over a week since the last Hanamaru-meal? Insane is what it is. Oh and Matsuya has lowered the price on my favorite food with 40yen, wow I'm gonna save so much money!

And that's the only super cool awesome amazing Tokyo happenings I'll tell you today ha ha haaa!
See ya~


Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party was held at Stellar Ball, next to an aquarium, in Shinagawa. I met with Anni and we had lunch before going to the venue. My number was B 200 and I was a bit worried of not being able to see anything since there was about 1 200 people going in before me, but! There was no such problem, the venue was very neat and I got a really good place, maybe 10 m from the stage, perfect since I had a great view of everything. (Thanks to Japanese girls for being short haha)

The first act was lynch., and it was so amazingly nice to see them live again! Wow, they are so amazingly amazing live that I can't even describe it more than YOU GOTTA SEE THEM LIVE TO GET IT whoah I want to go to a oneman so badly.
But ugh it was so short! Too short! Way too short! They just got warmed up and then it was time to leave the stage... uh. Sad.

But next up was 9GOATS BLACK OUT, and I really had high expectations on them since I'm a big fan! They started out with Sink and I'm gonna be really honest here and tell you that I actually got disappointed. "Is this it..??" I thought and wasn't amused.
But! After a little while I drastically changed my mind, I'm not sure what happened but suddenly they were super awesome. ("Huh what how? Yay!" I thought and was very amused.) They played a sort of medley of about 5-6 songs that'd been shortened, did a small MC where ryo begged the audience to come to their oneman, and then finished it off with In the rain. It's my favorite song with them, and in it, his voice were absolutely amazing! Mmm.

After some more waiting (uh I hate all this waiting at events) it was time for Kagrra, and ooohohoho wow I love them! (Yes, don't we all!) It'd been over a year since the last time I saw them so I was really excited to see them again. And now I feel bad that I missed them at V-rock Festival because they are so awesome. They played a few oldies and some new songs and Shin is teh awesome and Izumi is teh shiet and Nao is so adorable and Akiya is the man and Isshi is the best. Mm. And they are so BEAUTIFUL! Their gigs are always so beautiful! Yes, they truly are a beautiful band. Mmmm!

Moi dix Mois was the next up and I really didn't have any hopes up for them since the last gig two weeks ago was so extremely boring BUT! They sure took me by surprise by actually being really fun instead! I'm not sure how they did it but I got all fired up and started to wonder how I ever could've thought they were boring. Good one there, Moi dix Mois; keeping a fan! (PS. it was not Mana's doing.)
Today is also Sugiya's birthday, which Seth gave a lot of attention (all the spotlights on Sugiya!) and made him go up to the front of the stage and speak to the audience. He got super duper embarrassed haha, but did in fact have a little talk! Aw man that was so cute, hihi!
I also love how Hayato loves to play the drums, I think it's really touching to see how very passionate he is about his part in the band!

Soooo lastly, it was time for D; the main act! Yes. They sure are great live, no arguments there. Although I'm a bit puzzled by Asagi, since sometimes I find myself thinking "Whoah that man sure can NOT sing!!" and then in another song think "Whoah that man's voice sure is the most beautiful I've ever heard!!" so... it's all a mess. Well! At this time I was very tired and my back was hurting, but D was so awesome live that those things didn't bothered me a bit; i.e. a sign of a great live. The audience were also great, making it all an even more awesome live!

When finished, they left the stage but appeared soon after again, presenting the special guest that I have no idea who it is. I recognize him, but I don't know, haha! They played two (of his) songs, where he and Asagi sang together.
Oh, and, Happy Face Asagi is probably one of the cutest things on earth since kittens were invented.

Annnnd after that old dude left the stage, Asagi had a talk thanking the audience annnnd then all the other bands went on stage again! (Not everyone though; it was Nao from Kagrra,, Mana + K + Seth from Moi dix Mois, the whole 9GOATS, and Hazuki + Reo + Yusuke from lynch..) Woho yay! As a final was Yami no Kuni no Alice, and everyone played together and sang together and hugged each other and made happy faces AND IT WAS SO AWESOME OK. It was like having a huge bag full of Happy and the Happy had a party and you were invited! Yes! That was exaclty what it felt like! Ah... oh it was so amazing.

And I don't have any good way of finishing this silly live report because I'm overwhelmed by the Happy I just experienced, so, I'm just gonna go ahead and say
See yaaaaaaaa♥♥♥

Tokyo metro happenings

The other week I think I saw Seth (Moi dix Mois) in Shinjuku station; he had the exact same height, the exact same hair and a casual rock/goth style. He was walking right in front of me for a long time down to Marunouchi line (my line!) but I only saw him from behind so wasn't sure if it was him or not. But, after seeing them live again today, yes, I'm pretty certain it was him actually. Haha can you imagine!

Current urge:

To get braids.
Would that even look good on me...?
Not too sure, akshully. All I know is that I wannnnnnnt

Me and exist†trace

There's no way I'm paying 8 000 yen for the smallest print!
So mm, here I am with the band.



I love 109-2.
Love love love love.
It's just my style, it's just how I want to be!
The shops are amazing, it ain't that expensive, and the staff in every store greets me heartwarmingly and socialize with me like the potential customer I am. Not giving me weird looks as in Maruione, boooh.

I got myself an awesome bag from Diavlo!
But this guy at Vice Fairy was really on to me about getting one from him, and when I finally said that I'd look around at other shops first he cried out "Dame desu ka..???" with these big puppy eyes and suddenly I was all HM MAYBE I NEED TWO BAGS. Haha, it's amazing how talented some of them are at charming people!
...but it's also a bit annoying because now I've got a craving for that damn bag.

I'm feeling very tired now. Tired of always being on foot, tired of always doing something. One month in Tokyo has passed and I think reality has caught up on me now. I just want to relaaax...
But! No time for that.
Tomorrow is Mad tea party, with D + Kagrra, + lynch. + 9GOATS BLACK OUT + Moi dix Mois! I'm up for it, yeehaw!

See yaaa


The moment I lost my cool

I finally got to see the pictures from the photo session with exist†trace! I managed to keep a cool in two pictures, in all the other ones I look like a compleeeete dork, haha.
PhotoChoice are smart and has disabled the ability to make a print screen, but really, look at this picture they snapped of me the moment I caught sight of the band.

My face shows exactly what I felt like hahaha!

See yeah