And's instore event!

Today me and Martin went to And's instore event at Jishuban club in Shinjuku! It was aaaawwweeessoommmmeee. Although I didn't really get what they were talking about most of the time, hah. One thing I did get though is that Ken likes christmas, but he doesn't like christmas food so he always eat kake ramen instead. Mhm, they were talking a lot about food! The audience (can you say audience for an instore event?) sat on the floor and it was crowded (it's a small store) and uncomfy but it was over way too soon! I could sit there for ages watching and listening to their coolness.

But then it was over and thus time for signing session! It was awesome but AWKWARD hahaha! When signing my booklet we shaked hands and they seriously kept shaking forever, and I was shy and nervous so I couldn't come up with anything to say except "arigatou" leaving us with a somewhat uncomfortable silence, haha. This was my first instore event so I don't know, but is it always like this? Haha anyway it was hilarious. But Ken asked me if I had listened to their new album (uhm well guess three times...) and Peco asked me where I came from, and when replying he gave me the "WHOAAAAAH!!!!!"-reaction that I never get tired of, hehe!

Outside was the table for merchandise where I spended well invested money; cheki's, an And cheki album and THE AND PISTOL now isn't that the most awesome merch ever??

I also feel a serious addiction for cheki's going on here. (but at least I'm not addicted to drugs) I bought seven, and got one for free when buying the cheki album! The first round I got three of Suzune and two of Ken, thought what the hell, bought another and got Takuma, thought what the HELL, bought another and got Kiri yeeeeeeessssss!! Satisfied.

After all was said and done, we went to Like an Edison, Closet Child and Pure Sound (how can you NOT when you're in the area?) and I bought some D'espairsRay; BORN, Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana and BRILLIANT (300yen, sweet deal).

Aaahaha I really liked this day.
I approve of this day.☆
Did I mention And is pretty awesome?
See ya!☆

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