Anli Pollicino 1st oneman!

On friday night we attended Anli Pollicino's first oneman in Ikebukuro CYBER! It was a really small place, with space for maybe 50~ people in the audience.

They were great but not amazing, the main reason I went was because my friends kinda talked me into it, haha! But I'm glad I did because I wasn't disappointed! There was a lot of energy and there's nothing wrong with their performance! Some of their songs is really good so they sure got me in high spirits. And did I mention that all the members are awesome? I... fell in love with Masatoshi (bass).

Afterwards, the members went out and socialized with the audience. Oh god I so wanted to jump talk to Masatoshi but man, he was so full of Awesome so I didn't dare! And then he already left! Ah the regrets.... Well. At least the drummer (who was standing in the bar pouring drinks) talked to me and insisted on shaking hands.

Yes. And Shindy (vocals) stood at the exit shaking hands with everyone and thanked them for coming. Small VK bands are the cutest ♥

See ya!

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