Today my school had a field trip to Ueno for Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science! Apart from a Traditional Craft Arts exhibition in Nishi-Nippori some month ago, it's the first time I went to a museum in Tokyo. And wow did I enjoy myself! I love museums!☆ Everyone went home as soon as possible, but me and Alex stayed for many more hours, looking into every corner of the museum!

And what I loved the most: the dinosaurs!! My inner child danced of happiness. And they had several species of my all time favorite dinosaur; Triceratops!

Dinosaurs instead of studies? Awesome day!!☆

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((*natsi*)) さんのコメント...

awesome *_* ! i love diosaurs *-*!

rusty さんのコメント...

Jag vill bara att du ska veta att jag ser fram emot att läsa din blogg varje dag~ ^o^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

natsi: dinosaurs is the SHIET!<3

rusty: åh wow tack, så glad jag blir :D!