Everything smelled of strawberrys

I've been very efficient today!

Went up kinda early and walked the 15~ min walk to Nakano city office, where I changed the adress on my alien registration card. It was done pretty fast, somewhat to my suprise! So I sat down with an ice tea on Starbucks (oh Starbucks my love!) and studied for an hour or so. Didn't go so well since I spaced out and just watched people most of the time.

After that, I had yummy lunch on Mos Burger (oh Mos Burger my love!), and then made my way all the back home to my apartment again, where I went about and cleaned up a little, before it was time to go to school.
School was great since today's kanji were very beautiful, haha!

After school I met with Josephine in Harajuku where we went about for a while. At Alice and the Pirates in Laforet, Kazuma from MANNEQUIN was working, yay! (celebrity spotting again!) I told him I was a fan (because I kinda am, actually) and he got reeeaaaally happy, asking me to come to their live since they need moneyz for food.

After Harajuku, we went to Shinjuku and had dinner at Sukiya. Then, checked out Maruione for men, but I wasn't that amused, somehow I felt misplaced by being a woman since the staff greeted me with a kinda weird look on their face ("does that foreign girl know this is men's fashion...??") and it has never happened before in men's stores. Booh.

After Shinjuku, we met up with Maria in Ikebukuro who's in Japan with her friends at the moment! We checked out Closet Child quickly, and then went to Asakusa and the temple for a quick visit. Now it had become kinda late, so it was all closed. But still very pretty, and the streets were almost empty so it was much easier to get there than last time, haha!

Look look I have it in my hand!!!

When we sat down at McDonald's to rest a bit, I accidently spilled strawberry milk tea all over me and my bag WHAT THE ***** !!!
So not cool.
R.I.P, bag.
Tomorrow = me + Shibuya 109-2

See ya!

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